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Cut and dry we tell you what most shy away from - THE TRUTH!!!

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Part 1 NOT doing? Does jealousy lead to a breach in relationship ?security protocol'? Does what's done in the dark always come to light – if so how long does it take? Are we too forgiving, too lonely or just too stupid to recognize... more

Why is good leadership hard to find in Church, Family, Work and Schools? Does anyone not want to be responsible for decision making anymore? Is fear of retaliation, lawsuits and being blackballed holding back the leader in you?

Has the desire to be wanted tainted our expectation to find real love? The Cosby's portrayed love in the black household but was Hollywood just dangling a steak in front of a hungry viewer? Is it realistic to expect to find that kind of... more

Is it bad business for the woman to assume responsibility for a household when the man is down on his luck? Does it change the playing field or make him feel inferior? Here we explore how to continue making him feel like a man while you... more

How to love a man or woman who is incarcerated.

There's a certain smell in the air - I can't quite put my finger on it, nor do I want to. Poor hygiene and a sensitive nose could be the difference between spending an evening alone or in the company of someone special. Embarrassing as... more

Why is society outcry and lawmakers making it increasingly difficult to discipline our children the old fashioned way? Yet prison populations are increasing each year, exponentially. Could there be a direct correlation between the two?

Is there a bigger (no pun intended) concern to why some feel the need to augment their shape and size? WARNING: We will be discussing sensitive procedures like male enlarements and breast reductions and enhancements... more

Ever went out on a first date and understood why the person sitting across the table from you really was single by the time the date ended? Have they just not met the right one or is the reason deeper than even they realize?... more

Why am I meeting the same people on dating sites? Will we ever get hitched? Becoming lovers then lifelong friends but never marrying. What's wrong with US?
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