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The Cherry on Top Conversation

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The Cherry On Top Conversations - We grown folks right? So we discuss the juiciest parts of a relationship!!!

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Everyone should have standards but what happens when your standards are unrealistic? Should we alter our standards or should we hold fast to them and accept the loneliness and frustration that follows those unrealistic expectations... more

Why do women feel and think that if they get very emotional & throw more feelings into the relationship that a man will change his mind about her being "THE ONE"? How much more strategizing, analyzing and trying to dissect a... more

Why are you working to pay all the bills, buy his cloths, pay his car note and then some? Why do women assume the role of a man's mother or care giver? Is it a need to be needed or is it desperations to shout to the world, AT LEAST I... more

How many marriages/relationships has Facebook and Twitter contributed to destroying? Is it better for spouses to share accounts?

Should a person's sexual past be a concern when choosing a mate… we've talked about does size matter, so does more mean better or could less mean a potential love mess. Does the number of sexual partners your mate had really... more

So you think you got it going on huh? Well let's just step into the kitchen and see how happy your man/woman is with how you throw down. Do you burn or do you BURN? How important is it to be able to make love in more places than just the... more

Knowing when to forgive, Knowing how to forgive and Excepting Forgiveness.

The STD's no one wants to talk about. How does one get over the Mental and Emotional attachments associated with casual sex? Have we built up an immunity to Jealousy, Insecurity, Fear, and Rejection or are we suffering in silence?... more

Why do blacks discriminate against other blacks based on Pedigree, Wealth, Location, Light/Dark and Origin. Is racism (by other ethnic groups) fueled by the lack of respect amongst Blacks? If Blacks start to change the way they see and... more

The world is telling you to let them go but you know that you want to make this marriage work. You just don't know how. Tonight we'll discuss this dilemma and how you can turn the tide to save your marriage. Couples will want to join us for... more
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