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Cut and dry we tell you what most shy away from - THE TRUTH!!!

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What is the fascination with dating older men and women? Does age matter? What would your real momma and daddy have to say to someone they could call brother or sister? Do older men have worms? You've heard it all before now... more

He'll pay your rent, buy your clothes and cook your dinner to? At what cost to you will he make such investments? Are you sacrificing your own integrity, morals and values to "accommodate" this man (or woman)? Some would ask are you selling... more

Is chivalry still alive or have we substituted it for compromise? Have the days of courting been replaced by simple satisfaction of lust and deceit? What are we teaching our kids to accept? Are they traveling the same path of heartbreak... more

Is it a violation to talk to your mate's Ex to get the skinny low-down on him or her? Why or Why not? It's just Peer Talk baby!
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