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Cut and dry we tell you what most shy away from - THE TRUTH!!!

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Hard to believe our kids are now hanging out in places we used to - or still do? When do you think it's time to hang up the things you used to do in your more youthful years like clubbing, spandex and wearing shirts that now show wrinkled... more

Trayvon Martin Case....Where do we go from here? How do we explain to our children the verdict? To we give life to fear or do we fight to erradicate it?

What is the best approach for having those awkward conversations with your sweetie, friend or co-worker? Do you risk damaging the relationship or do you speak truth in love?

PAST RELATIONSHIPS? Are you displaying symbolic art of a lost love? Do you have names of past loves all over your body? Would it bother you if your NEW Love asked you to remove it? Finally, what's it like staring at "Raheem was here... more

The Dynamics of Interracial & Multicultural Dating Are there drastic differences dating outside of your race or culture? What challenges do these present? With so many flavors should you really stick to just one?

With the lack of eligible men and women, Have people resorted to just being the JUMP OFF in order to feel "loved" or have the companionship they desire? Let's Talk about it on Peer Talk

Do we set silent expectations and expect people to live up to them? Do we miss the mark because we simply didn't understand what he or she wanted? Do we give up on people because we have no patience to try and understand... more

Everyone should have standards but what happens when your standards are unrealistic? Should we alter our standards or should we hold fast to them and accept the loneliness and frustration that follows those unrealistic expectations... more

Why do women feel and think that if they get very emotional & throw more feelings into the relationship that a man will change his mind about her being "THE ONE"? How much more strategizing, analyzing and trying to dissect a... more

Why are you working to pay all the bills, buy his cloths, pay his car note and then some? Why do women assume the role of a man's mother or care giver? Is it a need to be needed or is it desperations to shout to the world, AT LEAST I... more
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