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Quality is defined as a degree of excellence. Therefore, I invite you my friends to set an intention early in the morning to direct your hearts toward God. In the silence decide to move and have your being in the quality gifts. I like to think of... more

I pray that we set an intention to give our upmmost for God's highest, by being balanced and living the truths of God's word that we know. Consistency is the key. Tune into the bradcast for more helpful and healthy inspirations. Inspirational... more

Pause, my friends during the seasons of fall and winter. pause and be thankful. Revisit the wondrous miracles and opportunities that embraced you throughout the year. I invite you to take time to be thankful for all of the many trials that God... more

Early in the morning when we awake, we are given a spiritual invitation to sit with God at the meditation table. At this early spiritual breakfast divine wisdom is being served that will assist you on your daily journey. Receiving the invitation is easy;... more

What is the journey? The journey is defined as the places that we have traveled during our life time. The journey includes the experiences manifested. Experiences generated by our thinking or someone else thinking on our behalf.... more

There are many items advertised and sold on the market that promises to bring temporary relief to life's little annoyances. However, my friends the focus word is temporary. Tune in and be encouraged to link in with God who provides infinite... more

In this day and age it appears as though people pride themselves on being able to multi-task. However, news flash my friends, the wisdom to know what, how, and when requires you to set an intention and acquire {to get on one's... more

Transcend is defined as an ability to go beyond the limits of, to exceed, or to surpass. The noises of life which oftentimes present themselves as painful heart wrenching experiences make us feel as though we have been immersed into... more

In order for us to be a fruitful presence; oftentimes, it requires more of a subtraction than an addition. We must be healed from the infirmities that bind us. Infirmities that cause us to experience spiritual, emotional, and physical... more

Oftentimes, we find ourselves hesitate to try a new thing because it may slightly resemble something that caused discomfort. However, I invite you to embrace the new thing happening in the present moment and silently say "this is not that."... more