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This is the conclusion of "The Jesus that we see" series. We will be studying the Jesus of Revelation chapters 1, 2, and 3. Why does He warn us about our sins?

We will be studying who Jesus is and what He does in the first three chapters of Revelation. Which keys does Jesus have? What are these keys about? Why does Jesus rebuke us? hat does Jesus' countenance look like?

We will be studying what Jesus looks like and what He does in the first three chapters of Revelation. We will be going deeper that just the surface during this study. Is Jesus a Lamb or a Lion? Is Jesus a baby or a King? This study may... more

We will be studying the church at Laodicea. The church that gets vomited out of the mouth of Jesus. Are we truly rich, or are we poor? Does Jesus rebuke us? Who stands at the door and knocks?

This will be a study on the church in Philadelphia. The church of love. Who opens and closes doors? Does God tatoo us?

this is a bible study of the church that is in Sardis. Is this the dead church? How do we defiled our garments?

Tonight on Peacedove Radio, get a warm beverage and join for chat , music, reflecton, inspirational quotes, open mic, poetry, ideas, friendship and encouragement

This a bible study on the church in Thyatira. Are there two churches here? Are we part of this church? Who is this Jezebel? What is her teaching?

Welcome, friends! Tonight, Let's learn together the different aspects and Holy characteristics of God by name. Useful for prayer and meditation, the Name is a powerful way to invite the presence of the Lord into our life personally based on... more

We will studying the second church in Revelations. The church at Smyrma.the church that said it was poor.