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Soul University welcomes you to our Pay Me What I'm Worth program. Listen to actual classes packed with students experiencing life-changing shifts - weekly! Our on-demand listening library contains 8+ years packed with 400+ shows. Each show has ah-ha inspiring content. To get the most out of each show, buy a book (at pay411.co) and follow along! Post your notes in the show comment box located at the bottom of each show page. The more wisdom we share, the more we all learn! Call us at 312-268-0000 to enroll in our next study group featuring 33 unique exercises found in the our workbook: Pay Me What I'm Worth! Say it, mean it, get it!

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How much is your cell phone bill each month? What's your student loan payment look like these days? Are you always short on cash a week before payday? Soul University (SU) wonders if you're willing to exchange unpaid time spent web... more

Team Clarity's Episode 34 reveals many powerful ah-ha's earned from lessons learned in chapter seven, Pricing The Priceless. Four women discover and explore ways to allow their growth (from this 34 week journey) to blossom with... more

Team Clarity's Episode 33 wraps up their discovery on pricing the priceless. In four weeks, four women explored the differences between a gratuity and gratitude. How do these difference cost you? Listen to learn from these wise... more

Team Clarity's Episode 32 explores three timeless, common-sense guidelines on how to pay others what they're worth. What are these guidelines? How will these guidelines dramatically reduce doubt, guilt, shame and worry? Listen to enjoy a... more

Team Clarity's Episode 31 invites you to explore two words: gratuity and gratitude. Why? The more awake and aware you become of how these two words shape your sense of worth at root levels, the more you prevent worth-decay. Listen... more

Episode 30 turns Team Clarity's attention onto the illusion of pricelessness. In this class, we explore the law of diminishing returns when we choose to use force over power. Join us to explore how to reduce the cost of time,... more

Episode 29 of Team Clarity's journey to re-awaken to a robust sense of worth on multiple levels finds four souls exploring two words. 1) Meaning. 2) Continuity. How does our desire to experience meaning shape our sense of worth? What... more

Episode 28 of Team Clarity's you get what you pay for adventure finds four souls whirling with wonder! Wondering about what you ask? Listen to share in their life-changing ah-ha's rooted in a fresh awareness of what forgiveness is and is... more

Episode 27 (of 52) continues Team Clarity's journey on the topic of forgiveness. Explore the art of doing loads of mental laundry. Which laundry soap is best? Forgiveness? Forgetfulness? Listen to learn which brand is best to enjoy a... more

Episode 26 marks Team Clarity's midpoint on their 53 week journey. This class is THE MOST POWERFUL class to date! Why? We unravel and explore what forgiveness is, and is not. Listen to five women grow more awake and aware of... more
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