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Soul University welcomes you to our Pay Me What I'm Worth program. Listen to actual classes packed with students experiencing life-changing shifts - weekly! Our on-demand listening library includes 7+ years packed with 300+ shows filled with ah-ha inspiring content. To get the most out of each show, buy a book (at pay411.co) and follow along! Post your notes in the show comment box located at the bottom of each show page. The more wisdom we share, the more we all learn! Call us at 312-268-0000 to enroll in our next study group featuring 33 unique exercises found in the our workbook: Pay Me What I'm Worth! Say it, mean it, get it!

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Episode 20 finds Team Clarity waking up to how often they hit life's snooze-button! Listen and learn how their Worth Timeline® results prepares the for much brighter days! Get some note paper handy! Jot down your questions and thoughts. Join Christina's next class to discover how to living life with far less drama and trauma! Join us for a year-long series with five entrepreneur (known as Team Clarity), led by Christina Ervin. Each week Team Clarity shares this journey with you for two primary reasons: they want those they hold near and dear to know about the changes they're making on multiple levels. As they change, by listening to these classes, people who know Team Clarity members may opt to change along with them. to share their stories with you. Follow their stories and life lessons to awaken all sorts of ah-ha's for you too! While you listen and before you go . . . Follow this series. Click on the Follow button near the top of this page. Join Christina in her next class. Click this link to explore how to join us today. Click to access on all our on-demand shows. Share this show by clicking on the social share buttons. Music: Open Those Bright Eyes, Motivator and World Vice by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.
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Week 50 (of 52) Marsha Sortino's Team - Team Seekers dive more deeply into the concepts of thankfulness and gratefulness. We explore the power of the tipping-point between these two traits. What does this power do for us? How... more

Episode 19 finds Team Clarity discovering just how much doubt, guilt, shame and worry has controlled their lives via their respective Worth Timeline®'s. Get some note paper handy! Jot down your questions and thoughts. Join Christina's... more

Week 49 (of 52) Marsha Sortino's Team - Team Seekers learn how learning life lessons the hard way is often due to a lack of gratitude. How does gratitude help us learn life lessons more easily? What happens when living in a full state of... more

What did Pay Me What I'm Worth book club members learn from July's book club focused on chapter three - Why Are You Worth It? Book club members revealed some powerful ah-ha's (as in life-changing ah-ha's) based on the results of a... more

An PG rated segment! Why? Team Clarity shares some naked truths to prepare for their Worth Timeline® exercise. Get some note paper handy! Jot down your questions and thoughts. Join us in class if you dare! Join us for a... more

Week 48 (of 52) Marsha Sortino's Team - Team Seekers discover there's a vast difference between feeling thankful and feeling grateful. Do you think there's a difference between these two feelings? What is this huge difference? As always,... more

Our 17th segment offers a reality check! What patterns (habits, routines) help or hurt our sense of worth? How do we dissolve negative mind chatter? Get some note paper handy! Jot down your questions and thoughts. Post them in the... more

Week 47 (of 52) Marsha Sortino's Team - Team Seekers reflect on what they found out about themselves over the past eleven months. How do their findings help or hurt their sense of gratitude and worth? Have a notepad handy to take... more

Our 16th show may shock you! Warning! We get real with ourselves and with each other as we wake-up to what being a mentor really means. Ready to get REAL with yourself? Get some note paper handy! Jot down your questions and... more
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