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Soul University welcomes you to our Pay Me What I'm Worth program. Listen to actual classes packed with students experiencing life-changing shifts - weekly! Our on-demand listening library includes 7+ years packed with 300+ shows filled with ah-ha inspiring content. To get the most out of each show, buy a book (at pay411.co) and follow along! Post your notes in the show comment box located at the bottom of each show page. The more wisdom we share, the more we all learn! Call us at 312-268-0000 to enroll in our next study group featuring 33 unique exercises found in the our workbook: Pay Me What I'm Worth! Say it, mean it, get it!

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Exploring Worth Series: part 24 of 31 Primary Category: Professional Sub-Topic: Time When you reflect on your overall sense of worth, how does your professional time shape your sense of worth? Join us to explore your worth in 31 ways. Registered class member perks include: short class audios (5-10 minutes tops) to help you prepare for a lively discussion. secure, password protected virtual classrooms. monthly Pay Me What I'm Worth book club. live links in each class program guide (so that listeners can contact you directly). This class will boost your confidence, dissolve low self-esteem and wake-you-up! Click to register today. Music by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.
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