Pay Me What I'm Worth: Say it! Mean it! Get it!


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Join Soul Dancer, the author of Pay Me What I'm Worth who is also a monk of three orders, shaman in four traditions and masters-level social worker to re-awaken to your fullest sense of worth. This show series is all about YOU discovering a powerful sense of confidence to inspire others to naturally want to respect you. People who respect you, pay you what you're worth in time, attention, money and love. Listen to the on-demand shows to learn how to say, "pay me what I'm worth' - mean it, and get it.

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Meet Carma Spence, Founder of Own Your Awesome Business and Life Coach. Carna empowers entrepreneurial women authors and experts to build creative, authentic and profitable businesses. Carma grills Soul Dancer about the... more

A healthy sense of self plays a key role to be paid what you're worth. How do you get and maintain a healthy sense of who you are without becoming arrogant or unkind? When do you know you're being less then healthy? These are but a... more

First, check out Stings' TED.Com talk. Next, have a listen to Soul's reflection on how this TED talk captures the philosophy of the journey you'll experience when you dive into Pay Me What I'm Worth. To start your journey today, check... more

Theme: Random acts of kindness: ideas on spicing up post-holiday daily life. Key Points: Random Acts of Kindness – Defined / Rules of the Road Fun Factor Stress / Strings Free Factor Call to action: Complete one random act of... more

Theme: Gearing up for Valentines Day: Dust off your romance manual. Key Points: Romance is more than roses. Know your values. Know your vision. Call to action: No matter what your relationship status – 2 things: Review /... more

Theme: Stress Management: finding a balance between good and bad stress. Key Points:: Stress defined. Self imposed stress (via perfectionism, speed, etc.). Rapidly identify and dissolve unhealthy stress. Reduce the amount of time you... more

Theme: Create, maintain and grow ongoing support to help make 2010 a most memorable year. Key Points: Explore and engage successful people dynamics Share your wealth – in all forms. Build a solid, supportive team. Call to... more

Theme: Post holiday sigh of relief: Extreme Self-Care tips n' tricks now that the holidays are winding down. Key Points: The fine art to say?NO.? Explore FUN, healthy rewards. The gift of perspective. Call to action: Discover and DO things... more

Theme: New Year Kick-off: Set yourself up for a happy, healthy and FUN time! Key Points: Proactive v. Reactive. Place Self First – not the same as ?selfish.? Create a ?drama free? life. Call to action: Always take care of... more
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