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Dedicated to American Patriots tired of politicians pimping out America to the highest bidder and bankrupting us. We put U first 4 a real change.

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The topic is illegal alien child dumping on the border and what we need to do about it including changing our laws to discourage illegal aliens from making the dangerous trip. Should Congress clarify the 14th amendment so that automatic birthright applies to former slaves only as intended by the authors? Our guest and fellow patriot Anthony Grande has been at the protests at the Border Patrol Station in Murrietta and will give us his first hand view of the events taking place this past week.
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On-Demand Episodes

Discussing the Ukraine with Mark Sleboda Political Analyst at RT and Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Sociological faculty of the Moscow State University. We will also be discussing the issue of state nullification.

Discussing the June 3rd California primaries with Charlie Schaup running for Assembly and why Tim Donnelly is being attacked by the establishment.

Politics in America.

Discussing the Ben Ghazi fiasco with our Washington expert, Ted Andromidas.

Discussing the Citizens report on the Ben Ghazi fiasco of the Obama regime arming Al Qaeda. We will also be talking to other patriot candidates for office.

With our Washington D.C. foreign affairs expert, we will discuss the Russian/Ukrainian situation and the reasons why this conflagration could lead to WWIII unless we encourage peaceful resolution.

Tonight we will be discussing foreign policy and corruption in our political system.

Special guest speaker and international affairs expert to speak on Ukraine and Glass Steagall.

David William Lazar of the American Mesopotamian Organization will talk about the recent developments for Iraqi Christians and the history of Kurdish Assyrian relations.

Washington based geo-political analyst Ted Andromidas will talk to us about terroism and its sponsors in the Middle East and Russia as well as the plight of Christians in the Middle East.