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Dedicated to American Patriots tired of politicians pimping out America to the highest bidder and bankrupting us. We put U first 4 a real change.

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With our Washington D.C. foreign affairs expert, we will discuss the Russian/Ukrainian situation and the reasons why this conflagration could lead to WWIII unless we encourage peaceful resolution.
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On-Demand Episodes


Tonight we will be discussing foreign policy and corruption in our political system.

Special guest speaker and international affairs expert to speak on Ukraine and Glass Steagall.

David William Lazar of the American Mesopotamian Organization will talk about the recent developments for Iraqi Christians and the history of Kurdish Assyrian relations.

Washington based geo-political analyst Ted Andromidas will talk to us about terroism and its sponsors in the Middle East and Russia as well as the plight of Christians in the Middle East.

Washington based expert in Economic and geopolitics Ted Andromidas will discuss the need for reinstitution of Glass-Steagall to curb Wall Street corruption. Also, special guest William David Lazar will explore the problems of persecuted... more

Perianne Boring on the Fair Tax and Janet Yellen's appointment to the FED. 1. Forbes Contributor, author of "Boring Economics" on providing a not-so boring perspective on economics where she advocates for free-market... more

Discussing the immigration policy, foreign policy and the Federal Reserve. Special Guest, Tenno Groppi.

Rand Paul's non-interventionism forieign policy is on the rise in America.

This is an interview on the Federal Reserve with Perianne Boring. She is an economic analyst and economic correspondent at RT-TV America. Prior to joining RT, she was a legislative analyst on Capitol Hill advising on economic, tax,... more

We will be interviewing Stephen Lendman. BIOGRAPHY Stephen Lendman is a writer, syndicated columnist, activist, News TV personality, and radio show host. He currently writes or and and... more