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?Sexuality interfence? schemes targeted at boys by adult males: More on "sexuality interference": see para. 8, "Human Trafficking and Foster... more

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918 ~ December 5, 2013) Facebook Group, "'Legislative protective needs,' Met For US Citizens Under 18... more

The present number of knowledgeable American adults of the cruel act of striking America's sons and daughters in schools with wooden boards still being legal, is sufficient for having this class of ?voiceless? citizens gain federal ?legislative... more

Find out how the placement of CPS foster care affects a schoolage son or daughter's education. When children are in state care are they held to the same standards in regards to attendance? What if a son or daughter is in a special... more

Besides psychological evaluations, what else does Child Protective Services (CPS) put parents through in their attempts to take full custody of sons and daughters. Does the court order these hoops? What should parents know about... more

USA School Beatings Quiz 1. 19 US states sanction American educators to take a wooden board to strike schoolchildren/teens in their care. T/F 2. Marcus L. Ward supported a bill to enforce slavery. T/F 3. US Education Committee Chairman... more

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What happens to sons and daughters taken by CPS? Where does the money begin to flow at the start of CPS "kidnapping-for-profit" schemes? How do "for-profit" agencies benefit--from doctors to dentists to therapists and on and... more

Want the beatings to stop? Join us to learn how. AZ Op!, 800.515.9216, _____________________ Related Facebook... more