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Protecting under 18-year-old American sons and daughters from government-funded employees and associates of Child Protective Services (CPS) who take them away from their mothers, fathers and other guardians will by no means occur BEFORE "we the people" mobilize to protect this population from "educators" who are sanctioned to strike them in school--a US government controlled environment--with a wooden board, already deemed a "deadly-weapon" by the US Supreme Court Justice ( Failing to "mobilize" WHILE HAVING A BILL IN-HAND for the success of HR 5005, signals the impossibility of abolishing CPS and replacing it with authentic services for America's needy under 18-year-olds. CPS is a far more intricate ring which allows their foster care parents to sign documents which allow sons and daughters caught in their clutches to be struck with wooden boards in the schools they attend. So the egregious problem of striking schoolchildren "fits in CPS's swimming pool." At the present time, zero legislation exists to stop the crimes that this ring, "…criminal in nature…," as described by Senator Nancy Schaefer,* commits against America's sons and daughters AND against those in other nations where the CPS network reaches beyond US borders from its Washington DC headquarters ( If HR 5005 fails, there would be no need to discuss ending CPS. The lack of regard and respect for American sons and daughters by the majority of adult members of "we the people" will be evident on January 2, 2014 if such adults have failed to mobilize to protect them on this "smaller" issue--there remain 112 days to do so. I wrote this message because someone recently asked me why I haven't been posting about CPS as much. CPS is going nowhere before USA school corporal punishment disappears from its classrooms, schoolyards, hal

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Join AZ Op! on December 31, 2014, for a Waikiki New Year's Eve Celebration and Global-Presentation outside of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, 2201 Kalakaua St. (two blocks from the Waikiki Police Station) and general nearby areas, beginning 5 pm HST (10 pm EST) until January 1, 2015, 12 pm HST (5 pm EST), a total of 19 hours--one for each of the 19 remaining USA pupil-beating states (details: see ?About? domain of following linked video): Updates to be posted daily on info/voicemail (24/7) after Saturday, December 27 at: 800.515.9216. Listen-in when AZ Op! speaks with Waikiki pedestrians on their ideas regarding the most basic ?first need? to fulfill on in America for this nation to properly and authentically begin its ascent back to ?greatness? on: "America, Home of Free, Land of the Brave: What will it take?", America Speaks Blog Talk Radio: AZ Op! ?‘Legislative protective needs' Met For US Citizens Under 18:
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