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Help a ni_g_r like Romeo…anyone interested? Learn how. Join AZ Op! on Wed, April 23, 2014, here on America Speaks Blog Talk Radio. Support AZ Op! to prevent Romeo's Child Protective Services (CPS) foster home... more
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Who are the Arizona state and federal legislators empowered to make responsible decisions for Arizona's children regarding "kidnapping-for-profit" schemes that occur in this state more than any other? When CPS violates families, which US... more

What are differences between "anonymous" and "mandatory" reporting to Child Protective Services (CPS) and who are "mandatory" reporters? Did you know that CPS can question your children while they are "safe and sound" at school?... more

Turn on any popular American channel and flagrant examples of child-abuse and domestic violence is on the majority of them, which encourages this form of behavior in our communities nationwide. When children, teens and infants are... more

He told her to bend over a chair with her buttocks raised. The petite, attractive eighteen-year-old woman refused. The unusually large, strong young man then physically forced her to assume the position and summoned two assistants to... more

Today, April 1, 2014, "Day-1" of the 19-day, 24/7 "Safe 'Under 18' Citizens, Waikiki Campaign" officially begins at 9:19 pm tonight outside of the Royal Hawaiian Center, 2201 Kalakaua Ave, Waikiki (two blocks away from the... more

Join us on America Speaks Blog Talk Radio to learn about Child Protective Services (CPS) and the threat it poses to modern-day American families, as well as what concerned citizens can do to protect the future of this nation,... more

Child Protective Services Wipe Out & Relief! USA/UK To: Supporters Of Having United Kingdom Child Protective Services (UK CPS) Abolished And Replaced With A Just Relief Program For Needy Children And Teens (To Be... more

Michelle Gussow, has been a supporter of "Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act," HR 3027 and of activism led by The Hitting Stops Here! She will share her concerns and support on America Speaks Blog Talk Radio and give... more

Who owns their eyes? their ears? their prime hours of their daily lives? Find out what the experts say on ?American Citizens Under 18: Whose Are They?? View "Uncle Tom Horne's Cabin": (and its "Description"... more