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Paul Rosenfeld

Awakening Talk Radio


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Awakening Talk Radio with host Paul Rosenfeld and guest-host Dr. Bernard Gunther is a weekly show intended to be a deepening and expansion upon the teachings of Eckhart Tolle to promote stillness and awakening within you.

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How many of you get stuck because of something really simple? We are talking about an everyday occurrence like your child loudly chewing food with her mouth open two feet from your ear while you are trying to meditate, or having... more

We don't have to look very far these days to see contraction in all its forms circling around us. Everywhere we turn there appears to be ample reason for contracting, and depending on your circumstances, even to become fearful.... more

I recently picked Murrie up after school and as she got in the passenger seat next to me, she seemed like she wanted to talk about something. And she did. "Dada?" "Yes, Murrie, what's up?" And then it starts to spill out in a jumble like it's... more

"Dada, I need a bag to take my project to school and it looks like it might rain" said Murrie, my almost-12 year old daughter. "A bag, okay, try looking under the sink,” I comment. "Dada, the ones under the sink are too small,” she shouts up... more

Description to come!

No one can ever take away your best moment¬--that moment when you are connected, alive, smiling, and maybe even grateful. The problem is, knowing what a 'best moment' is and not letting it pass you by, but instead enjoying it... more

There are always many thoughts running through my mind. And I would imagine it is the same for you. One perpetual thought I have is that you really do get what you either wish for, or focus on 'secretly' - Yes, I said: Secretly. We tell... more

your affliction is your addiction to the ego's fiction Yes, the ego's fiction?a great topic and a great story/wonderful lesson/fortunate occurrence?to relate to you this week. My wife and I were recently in New York to attend a family function. We... more

Welcome to the first Awakening Talk Radio Newsletter of 2009! We hope that you had an enjoyable Holiday, and got at least a little rest. As we move into a brand new year filled with our latest hopes/dreams/desires, what better way to begin... more