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Our focus is on preserving life, liberty and human dignity through a truly free media which is not licensed by the Federal government nor owned by a global (rather than an American) corporation.

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The Guide talks with historian Micheal Harrod about the fallacies of cultural relativism, which is one of two unbalanced viewpoints regarding culture. The one extreme is thinking that our culture can do no wrong and the rest are wrong.... more

(NOTE: Skip about 20 minutes past the end of the intro to get past the technical problems we had getting Stephen on.) prerequisite for finding the right answers is asking the right questions. Instead of "how can we save the United States" the... more

What kind of mind do you have? Dr. Don Eckard talks with the Guide about the classical mind and compares it to the way modern and post-modern minds approach life, society and one another.

Mark has a conversation with Jason Sheppard. Jason was the AR State Coordinator for Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Jason will share his insights on where we should go from here in advancing principles of sound government.... more