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The Patriot News Podcast


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Everyone's least favorite NAZI, Dick Spencer, is set to speak in FL. The governor of FL has declared an emergency. Wow. Soros just dumped a crap load of money into is foundation. WTF is he up to The reporter who broke the Panama Papers... more

DC decided to drop their appeal over the shall issue law because of tremendous pressure from other anti-gun states. Doesn't that hint they know it isn't Constitutional? What does that mean for people who want to carry in DC? Russ... more

Call in and talk to us During a country music concert nearly 60 people were killed by a man firing from a hotel room. Anti gun people jumped on this to call for bans. The SHARE was was tabled as well. The NRA has come out in support... more

Trump and the NFL protests has started to get out of hand. Is it civil rights, constitutional, or none of the above? There is a communist student at West Point.....let that sink in. We talk with Joey Gibson regarding his fights with... more

We talk about the Mother of All Rallies, and the appearance of BLM. We will discuss Trump's UN speech and what it means. Anthony Weiner is deep trouble.

We are joined by Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer in Mother Of All Rallies to discuss his events and his stand against the violent left. Did you happen to see the new rap video where a child is lynched. This is stupid. Doesn't matter what... more

We will be joined by John Pruitt of 3UPVA to talk about what happened between 3UPVA and BLM757. We will dig into the instagram post and the 3UPVA response. The US Virgin Islands Governor has ordered the confiscation of... more

Best Selling Author A. American from the "Going Home" series joins us to talk about the world we live in. We will ask him about the North Korean nuke situation as well as the violence that seems to be everywhere. Speaking of violence... more

This week show is insane. This is our one year aniversary! With the violence that has occured in Charlottesville BLM757 and III% United Patriots Of Virginia are working to prevent violence. The leader of BLM7575, Japharii Jones and the... more

Bad stuff brewing in C-Ville This was a sad week for the most part. It was a simple answer for III% United Patriots Of Virginia when the phone rang and it was the Nation Policy Insitute asking us to help out with the Unite The Right... more