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pastor steve dinwiddie

15 minute commute with the Word


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a word designed to speak to your heart as you travel to and from work or school. Brief and to the point bible study with background scriptures

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When Moses died the children of Israel were at a lost. They had lost their leader and lamented for 40 days and nights. Going on at this point seemed senseless but God had another plan. He told Joshua " i will be with you like I was with... more

Even though we are born in this world , we are not of this world. We must not conform. Temptation is not only on every hand, it is widely available in any color , form or fashion that you want. Us dying to ourselves not only takes commitment... more

As we read the scriptures we try to imagine ourselves standing the test of time and going toe to toe with the devil getting stronger every round. But as we start to get weary we need to reinforce our stance in the Word of God and began... more

While we are looking at religious leaders and politicians to lead us into the millenium, we must always remember The Lord of Lords and the Kings of kings. Our everlasting Father and God , Our buckler and shield , Our fortress... more

Many of us grew up without a father. We have had to deal with the strain and disappointments of living a life with a single parent or guardian. Its seems that we were neglected and left to fend for ourselves , but isn't it good to know that we... more

In marriages they have a clause for divorce called irreconcilable differences. Like it or not you can choice to separate from your mate if you don't have a common ground to stand on and there is no foreseeable future of coming on one accord.... more

People everywhere protesting their right to chose. Whether to for an elected official or what their kids can watch or do or even what the government can tell them about what they do with their own bodies, and they are right you must... more

This time of the year , we often reflect on the death of Our love and savior. His ressurection was not only atonement for our sins and future rest in the almighty God, but it has given us life and prosperity in the this world. Thank God for... more

Its seems easy to praise God when we can feel His presence or experience His blessings. But our circumstances don't dictate our worship. God is always deserving of the praise and the honor and the glory. Let everything that hath... more

So many times as we walk through life, we have a choice to make. we can either stand up to challenges and allow God to get the glory , or we can be defeated by every imp that the devil tries to throw at us. Giving God praise through the... more