pastor steve dinwiddie

15 minute commute with the Word


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a word designed to speak to your heart as you travel to and from work or school. Brief and to the point bible study with background scriptures

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Some many times we talk about Jesus in the new testament, but we must as we study recognize how God orchestrated the heavens and allowed the Son of God to become the Son of Man. It is so significant to our very survival and... more

God will supply by our needs. Wait and see the salvation of the Lord

Isnt it perculiar that God allows us to go through so many things in life, but somehow when we begin to trust Him that he works them together for our good? We have went the wrong way and made the wrong choices and for... more

There was a song revamped in the 80's by Run DMC titled" walk this way". It was a remake of Aerosmiths version from the 70's . Many times in today's society we are instructing people on how to live there lives we have all sorts of remedies... more

Juste like with the church of Ephesus, God has called us back to our first love. We must not forget from whence we have came. I remember when i first got saved my zeal and newness of life cause me to run and tell everybody about... more

sometimes when you get caught up in the things of this world. Work, relationships, health and even church, you can get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and began to envy those that seem like they have it better off. It can make you think you... more

It was not by our might or power but by His spirit that we are able to do everything that God has for us to do. We are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all measures according to what worketh on the inside of us. Our destiny and... more

I have often said that we need to really search out who God is through retrospect. The best way to appreciate God is to look at what He has already done.When we take a look back over our lives and see how far He has brought us we... more

For one reason or another we can testify of the existence of God through many realities of life. We can watch the birds in the air and recognize that creation is marvelous and awesome. We see the stroms raging and witness the power of... more