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15 minute commute with the Word


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a word designed to speak to your heart as you travel to and from work or school. Brief and to the point bible study with background scriptures

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The call of God is both mysterious and frightening. Anyone who has truly been called can attest to this. First of all when He calls you , you are utterly unqualified and most likely looking in the opposite direction. But if He called you and... more

God is here

In today's society we place little emphasis on the family structure. Family can be defined anyway we like. But as the chief cornerstone of a building if weak or absent the structure is vulnerable and in danger of failing. Tune in

We don't have to compete for Gods blessings. As His children He is well aware of our needs. Spiritually, sexually,naturally and emotional. He has made provision for His creation! Stay tuned.

As Christian we are supposed to have all the answers. Our faith should usher us through life without a hitch. Not so! Life is full of things that make you say...hmmm. We must realize that sometimes we have to take inventory and... more

We are living in the fitness age. Whether bybe in shape. But what about Christ's body? Are we working to keep it physically fit as well. Are we excercising our faith, working out or soul salvation and studing to show ourselves approved unto... more

The end times have often been described in many books and movies and we have told the biblical prophecies from generation to generations. But as time marches on and we began to witness more and more calamity , wars, injustices... more

We must understand why honoring others helps implement the plan that God has for our lives and Destiny.

We often look upon people when they start to give God praise, we wait for that testimony that is going to light the church on fire because we have anticipated some great move of God, based on the way that they praise. But many people... more