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15 minute commute with the Word


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a word designed to speak to your heart as you travel to and from work or school. Brief and to the point bible study with background scriptures

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The end times have often been described in many books and movies and we have told the biblical prophecies from generation to generations. But as time marches on and we began to witness more and more calamity , wars, injustices... more

We must understand why honoring others helps implement the plan that God has for our lives and Destiny.

We often look upon people when they start to give God praise, we wait for that testimony that is going to light the church on fire because we have anticipated some great move of God, based on the way that they praise. But many people... more

The word prosper means to go forth. Despite the surrounding circumstances or challenges that you must face. We must understand that our efforts to have cannot supercede the desire to go foward despite the opposition. God has every... more

Disease and wars are rampant. False prophets are everywhere and it seems that this is just the start of what the bible cause the end days. We must stay close to the word of God and keep watch and be sober.

When looking for a house, a newly wed couple often anticipate growth. They usually dont look for a one bedroom because as time goes forward they expect additions to their family. We most also anticipate the growth of our spiritual life... more

In 17 years of marriage God has taught me to love unconditionally and except growth and evolution in relationships as part man"s purpose.

We are a royal priesthood and a family of heirs. God wants us to walk in authority and the confidence of a King's kid!!

God is not please with Luke warm.