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Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle

Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle


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Freedom from demons, Exorcism, Do you have Demon Troubles? You can be free! Spiritual Warfare, News about current events. Spiritual growth. Prayers, Oasis Church

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Freedom from demonic control, breaking free from strongholds, your personal warfare and how to engage in it
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Understanding how the enemy snares your soul, effective spiritual conflict, learning to prevail against the darkness and it's assignments against you

Freedom from personal bondages, deceptions and demons, how to be delivered, understanding spiritual warfare, protection from evil, mental afflictions, how to think correctly about the things happening in your life, the affliction... more

How anger works, The many faceted world of anger, unknown to many angers, disillusionment, depresion and other forms of anger, where demons come from, is a demon a fallen angel?, how to take your life back, an angry person, how to... more

Restoration of lost things, stop giving up, never quit, getting the upper hand over darkness, winning in battle, how to prevail against wickednes, know how the enemy works to sabotage your life and future, 3 ways to prevent it, the victim... more

How you can gain the upper hand on the devil and his vast array of evil spirits, training to reign in this life until Jesus comes, how to defeat subtle demonic attacks, taking your mind back from the enemy and the world, thinking correctly,... more

Pastor Kyle is back this week teaching spiritual warfare, deliverance, also some news and current events, live deliverance session, Many Christians are embracing worldly beliefs and philosphies, are you? Finding and loving truth in a dark age,... more

Why are you not getting more freedom in your life? why are you still in bondage? what is the REAL resaon for continued torment? WHERE are the high places? WHAT are the REAL HIGH THINGS? WHAT kind of Warfare do we wage?... more

Indepth teaching about spiritual warfare and how the enemy snares peoples souls, high places, high things, why do you not get the deliverance you desire? why are you still bound? why are you trapped in your mind? why are you still... more

How to be free from demons, live prayer and deliverance how to guard your house, your body, soul and spirit, practical deliverance training, open doors for demons, the process of deliverance and getting free, develping discernment... more

How to live free from demons, how demons operate against the righteous, a live mass deliverance, subtle and hidden attachments, MPD, Mind troubles and harrasments, workaholic spirits, why we can't always see what we may be in... more