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Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle

Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle


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Freedom from demons, Exorcism, Do you have Demon Troubles? You can be free! Spiritual Warfare, News about current events. Spiritual growth. Prayers, Oasis Church

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the fog of darkness, opening a persons eyes to see through that which appears unknown, viewing things through the eyes of your spirit which is empowered by the Holy Spirit, stopping demons
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Why so many are so far off course in life, testing the things we accept and believe, finding the walk you really know is God's walk, discovering the deception, Am I hearing from Jesus or is it false? why some people never do... more

what is happening in this dark day in the church and the believer,the infiltrators have been successful, many will turn from the holy commandment delivered to them in these last days, the spirits of compromise and how they work against... more

Why some people never seem to change or get freedom, The processing of the Lord in us, how we can truly gain ground, How the enemy hinders people, the story of Jacob and Esau, what it means to us in our walk with Jesus, learning to... more

The intensity of warfare, why is it so overwhleming sometimes? how to be and live as an overcomer, What is really going on? What is the warfare really doing to you and how to continue, the power of the blood of Jesus, demons seek to wear... more

Walking in the realm of the Spirit, how to begin to walk on water, to get out of the boat, Isn't it time you got out of the boat, there were 12 disciples but only one walked on water, what about you? Walking in and seeing the miraculous, Why... more

Are you in the kingdom or outside looking in? becoming an overcomer in the midst of great confusion, the confusion of sin, Will the flesh manipulate you or will you learn to stop the works of the flesh within you? Finding your way when it... more

Do you need to change? Facing the truth about ourselves without condenmnation, many are sleeping today, how can one wake up, has God changed from the old testament to the new testament? Understanding how He relates to us now... more

how satan destroys and takes down many of the people that call themselves Christians, how the accuser works to tear you down, troubles in marriages, homes, churches and much more due to the work of satan, how he operates,... more

Have you checked yourself lately? How about the place you live? There can be demons lurking in areas you are not aware of, how about your walk with Jesus? Is it strong weak or non-existant, Are you lukewarm or on fire? Locate... more

Finding the hidden and deceptive demons of rejection, uncovering the lies of religion, how rejection works to keep a person snared all one's lifetime, the way pride works when rejection is there, pride is a deciever and has many people... more