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Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle

Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle


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Freedom from demons, Exorcism, Do you have Demon Troubles? You can be free! Spiritual Warfare, News about current events. Spiritual growth. Prayers, Oasis Church

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what kind of days are ahead for the church and the believer in Jesus? Walking uprightly in a time of great darkness, seeing the truth about this life, victory in 2019
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Why many Christians are spiritually lazy. The disobedience and rebellion of so many Christians and how it has cost them, is costing them today, How to deal with all the excuses we make, seeing how the demons are lying to... more

Are you really walking a powerful walk with the Lord? Is there sin ruling over you? How demons work your mind over, the lusts within, Stopping carnal living, Recognizing how one can sabatogue their own life by the words of their mouth,... more

How to live out your life the right way, discovering the keys to a victorious life in Jesus, knowing how the enemy blocks you, discovering demon strongholds within, the power of God's Word now, Prepararing yourself for better, Clearing out the... more

We have heard of Praying Through but are you Warring Through?, what about fear? Being in the wilderness and what it really may mean for you, discovering where you are at with the Lord, Finding your way through the mass confusion in... more

Are you stuck on the sidelines? Or are you moving towards or on the frontlines? Where are you at with you walk with Jesus? Do Christians have bad days? What is the source if one has one? What holds you back from a victorious life,... more

Discovering why things are not working right, fine tuning the Christian life,Knowing how to live and how not to live a life on earth,Growing up spiritually, why many people don't get it, the danger and troubles of religious spirits, legalism and... more

Why so many are out of order today, how to see Jesus show up more in your life, why people are bound and not seeing the deliverance they hope for, Things that stop ministry and the work of the Lord in your life, some keys to... more

It appears that everyone has fear in one form or another, people have to filter many of their thoughts through the fear filter, what if this happens to me or my loved ones? what if I lose everything? what if I get sick? knowing how to live in... more

A reason many are not seeing the blessing and deliverance they could see, understanding the hinderance to deliverance that many refuse to see, how to deal with the habits in your life such as ography, overeating, greediness,... more

How misunderstanding is used by the enemy to destroy relationships, marriages, churches, the exposing of the ways of rebellion, it is now rampant in America and other countries of the world, stopping the spirit of rebellion in your life and home,... more