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Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle

Deliverance Today Pastor John Kyle


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Freedom from demons, Exorcism, Do you have Demon Troubles? You can be free! Spiritual Warfare, News about current events. Spiritual growth. Prayers, Oasis Church

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Opening the door to freedom in your life, creating a proper atmosphere, Closing doors that have been opened too long, wrecking demon strongholds
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the giants that stand opposing people, removing the giants, demon transmission lines, how they work, the crippling work of , faith that stops the enemy, engaging the enemy with wisdom, how the hedge is broken down, Stopping demons... more

the snares of the serpent spirits of lust, how rejection operates to keep you bound, rejections subtle work, breaking the dark holds of evil, finding your personal bondages,things that keep you in the dark,the complexity of the human mind,... more

The sin of unbelief and how it breaks down your spiritual life, unbelief robs people over and over again, how the darkness is controlling many people's minds today,How the hosts of darkness snare you, stopping the evil and dark in their... more

Finding the real life, a different approach at finding Jesus in the Bible,finding treasures in the Word of God, How to study the Bible, developing a strong Christian walk in the last days, becoming spiritually mature so you can take... more

How the power of love changes us and brings us to a place of freedom, Participation in Love, Why faith will not work in many who use it, how to make it work for you, News and live deliverance, Learning to receive from the realm of... more

How the enemy steals from us

stopping the enemy in your mind concerning your standing with Jesus,the lies of the flesh , Religious infiltration, knowing where you stand with God, does a christian who has demons go to hell, how to have fellowship with the Lord... more

launching into 2017, launch forth to victory in 2017, how to have a determination to win and overcome in the new year,Truths that will put you above the works of darkness in 2017, stopping the enemy from destroying and troubling your life,... more

How is it that so many can't get past their sense of guilt? the heavy work of demons in the area of beating people down with guilt, condemnation and a poor wrong view of themselves, deliverance for guilt. how demons work in the area of... more

How demons work in human relations, understanding the difficulties of marriage and male, female relations, 10 ways to deal with family and relational problems and difficulties, what to do with relatives that are on a different page... more