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Dealing with current apologetic issues. Defending biblical truth against misconceptions and fraudulent claims.

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Pastor Brian discusses how one can remain thankful even despite facing turbulent and difficult times by looking at the example of the Apostle Paul. Call in at (323) 784-9617 and check out Pastor Brian's international blog at
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Pastor Brian, in a message delivered at Huntsville Baptist Church, describes ways in which a believer can continue to stand even in the midst of a secular land, from Romans 11:1-10.

In this episode, Pastor Brian will catch up on the weekly news updates from a Christian perspective. In addition, Pastor Brian will discuss the four views concerning the millennial reign of Christ. The four views are normally considered... more

In this first episode back on at the 12 noon live time slot, Pastor Brian evaluates the differing views as it relates to the book of Revelation. What are the Futurist, Historicist, Idealist, and Preterist interpretations concerning Revelation? Pastor... more

In the first episode since the October break, Pastor Brian discusses the importance of eschatology. While there are those who give eschatology a bad name, the field of theological study is imperative. What is the focus behind... more

Join us for a special Homecoming service, celebrated on Sunday, October 5th 2014 at Huntsville Baptist Church. Pastor Warren Kerr joins the service as he delivers a special message on "The Value of a Day" from Psalm 118:1-9 and 24.

Before taking a two-week break due to a speaking tour and other pastoral duties, Pastor Brian provides a hard-hitting look at what a scientist, or anyone for that matter, would expect to find if God created the universe. This follows a few... more

In the first portion of this episode, Pastor Brian examines the mystery of the Triune nature of God. How can one best relate to this divine Triune relationship? Also, Pastor Brian responds to Huffington Post's Nigel Barber's ridiculous claim... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian discusses what is termed the "moral attributes of God." In other words, these attributes depict the personal attributes of God's character, such as God's holiness, patience, love, and truth. Pastor Brian will... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian discusses the definitions and distinctions of spiritual Israel. Paul describes that there is a national, or physical Israel, and there is a spiritual Israel. Learn who is part of this spiritual Israel and what distinctions are... more

Pastor Brian discusses what is called the "non-moral attributes of God." These attributes address things such as God's omnipotence, omniscience, sovereignty, and eternal nature. What can these attributes tell us about God? This will be... more