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Dealing with current apologetic issues. Defending biblical truth against misconceptions and fraudulent claims.

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In this episode, Pastor Brian discusses what is termed the "moral attributes of God." In other words, these attributes depict the personal attributes of God's character, such as God's holiness, patience, love, and truth. To call in, dial (323) 784-9617 to join the discussion. Also, check out Pastor Brian's international website at
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Pastor Brian discusses what is called the "non-moral attributes of God." These attributes address things such as God's omnipotence, omniscience, sovereignty, and eternal nature. What can these attributes tell us about God? This will be... more

In a brief commentary, Pastor Brian discusses the importance of Christians getting involved in their communities. Recently, a new theological system called "Open Theism" has emerged. It seeks to answer the problem of God and evil by taking... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian provides some insights concerning the existence of God. In addition, Pastor Brian will expose how atheism is an impossible viewpoint to consider if one considers the depths of the universe. Pastor Brian will also... more

Football season is upon us. As we watch these football games, one will notice the coaches of each team holding clipboards with designed plays. In a similar fashion, God has a gameplan for each person's life. Find out what God's Gameplan is in... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian will discuss the status of Americans and their relationship with God. What exactly do Americans feel about God? Find out in this episode.

Materialism has taken a great hold on society. So much that in fact biblical interpretation has been influenced by materialism. In recent days, teachers are proclaiming that the Bible does not teach in a form of dualism (in which the soul... more

One day creation and the Christian will experience the full glory of God. Learn more about it from Pastor Brian in the message entitled "Well Glory!"

Skeptics often make illogical claims about the Bible. But in some cases, it appears that there may be a misunderstanding concerning the teachings of the Bible. On a recent atheist cartoon, it was suggested that God was a bad parent in that He... more

Many employers will offer benefit packages to allure quality employees to their businesses. These benefit packages include insurance and retirement. But, have you ever considered that the best benefit package is not found in a business or... more

The NFL preseason began last night. This is the time of year that sports fans run wild because pro and college football is about to begin. However, this year's college football season begins with a fog of doubt concerning the future of... more