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Classical Christian Apologetics, Biblical Theology, and Christian Living. Be sure to check out Pastor Brian's website at http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com. Also, be sure to visit Pastor Brian's YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/BCPowerman.

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Today, we are joined by Jason Kline. Kline received his B.A. in Business and religion from Liberty University; his MDIV in Theology, also from Liberty University; and will begin a program for his M.A. in philosophical apologetics from Houston Baptist University this fall. In addition, Kline has recited clinical pastoral train from Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. Kline is a former chaplain for the U.S. Air Force and currently serves as a chaplain for a hospital in Wytheville, Virginia. Join us at a special time, 6pm, as we discuss therapeutic apologetics.
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On this September 14th episode of Redeeming Truth, Pastor Brian discusses 3 ancient Greek concepts for rhetoricians that are also demonstrated in New Testament leaders: ethos referring to character and integrity, pathos referring to... more

In this episode, we discuss the grave problem of anti-intellectualism in the modern church. Does knowledge counteract faith or does knowledge precede faith? How does anti-intellectualism harm the church? We will discuss these issues... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian discusses the issue of the intermediate state, which is a person's existence between physical death and the final resurrection. What happens to a person during this time from a biblical perspective? Is there any... more

After a nearly fatal accident, Pastor Brian reflects on the precious nature of life. Life is a gift. A few insights pertaining to the precious value of all lives will be discussed on this episode. In the second segment, Pastor Brian will address the... more

A good argument for the existence of God as well as finding purpose in life can be found in what is termed the "argument from consciousness." The argument is strong enough that even secular naturalists are seeing the profound implications... more

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, NASA announced that astronomers had discovered a new "Earth-like" planet which they named Kepler 452-b. While no evidence of life has been found outside of Earth, many have began to wonder if the existence... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian will discuss the discoveries made in a recent paper. Despite the great problems that Christian believers face in times of modernity, Christians cannot forget the primary emphasis that God has held throughout... more

The Bible is said to be "Theopneustos," or God-breathed. This simple truth, if accepted, influences how one applies the truths of the Bible. But what does this mean for you? We will examine this question on this episode.

In the classic movie A Few Good Men, an officer was barraged with a series of questions by the prosecuting attorney. His famous reply was, "You can't handle the truth!" A serious question must be posed to the modern citizen, can you... more

In this episode, Pastor Brian confronts the controversial SCOTUS decision this past Friday. However, he does do not by examining the issue of same-sex marriage, but from the increasing reality that American Christian ethics are... more