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Dealing with current apologetic issues. Defending biblical truth against misconceptions and fraudulent claims.

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Secular universities are closing their classical philosophy programs. But why? In a day and age where there is more confusion than ever, shouldn't universities be compelled to teach students how to think? Furthermore, it may be said... more
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In this episode, Pastor Brian examines why the church seems to be against apologetics in our modern culture. Some possible reasons will be presented as to why the church may be resistant to apologetics and the problems this... more

For those who have frequent listeners of our shows, you know that we have presented the case for the resurrection of Christ. But, is there a case to be made for the ascenion of Christ? Can we know if this event is a true event? In this... more

Pastor Brian Commentary: A recent campaign was launched against people criticizing women for being "bossy." The campaign seemingly desires to ban the word "bossy." Is this a good thing? Or could it be that the campaign against... more

The argument is made that one's belief is constituted by where one is born. However, Paul makes the case that no one holds an excuse in trusting and believing in God regardless of where one resides. In this message, Pastor Brian... more

Today, we celebrated the life of an American hero, a faithful husband, and a trusting man of God in Junior Matthews. On this broadcast, Pastor Brian reminisces about Junior and replays the interview conducted with Junior which... more

Can a person be good enough for God? Can one be good enough by their own standards to get to heaven? Find out in this week's message.

Will Jesus return? If one believes in the fundamentals of the faith, then the person would say yes. How and when Jesus will return is a matter of speculation, but the fact that Jesus will return is beyond dispute. In this final episode on essential... more

Many people become unbalanced in their views of God. God is both loving and just. To lose emphasis on either of these attributes is to lose focus on the complete nature of God. When God's holy nature is understood, then it is... more

What is the kingdom of God? Who is considered in the kingdom? In this episode, Pastor Brian defines the kingdom of God, explains why one should believe in the kingdom, and demonstrates why the belief in the kingdom is essential. In the first... more

The gospel is something that the Christian should be proud to proclaim. Christians should never be ashamed to proclaim the message of Christ because, as Pastor Brian demonstrates in this message, the gospel holds great power, a wonderful... more