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The Importance of Sound Doctrine


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Teaching Gods Word in simplicity, for the encouragment, education, and edifying of the believers, and those that are drawn.

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Miracles happen all the time, but we are flooded by negative images and reports that put goodness, mercy, and miracles far from our faith. The dangers of this is that when we need our miracles, whether facing money problems,... more

With so much calamity, and negativity in the world today, our hope is dwindled down to a wishracles are still be performed by God , but our heart has been hardened by what our eyes have seen. More calamity, less miracles...Miracles... more

There are many rough circumstances in the world today,I suppose more than there has ever been, given the many sicknesses, economic status, employment drought, depression etc...Through all of this,some have been buffeted to the... more

God is truly blessing this Broadcast, Please do not miss out on the good teachings. When we are going through the storm , we have friends and family, that when the circumstances are so bad, we cannot tell whether they are for... more

During the storm, all kinds of thoughts come to mind. Thoughts of despair, suicide, death, and just giving up. God is trying to purge you from these thoughts. Let your thoughts be of peace, joy, virtue, and the saving power of Jesus... more

What a blessing, Gods teachings are very enlightening and encouraging! Dont miss the next episode! We will have Ghana Africa's very own Pastor Alexander Kwame Agyepong of the Garment of Grace International joining me as the Lord... more

God showed us what it means to weather, Next week He will teach us how to weather a storm. Powerful teaching from the Lord, stay tuned and get all you can, because there is always a storm brewing. Grace be with you.

This week we learned the anatomy of storm, next week lets learn how to weather it together in the name of Jesus. He will bring you out!

We all face storms in life, financial, physical, spiritual, etc. The Bible has sound teaching on how to weather these storms, tune in, and let the Lord teach you that He is with you when you're going in, with you when your going through, and... more

Forgiveness leads to reconciliation, and from reconciliation to unity, what is unity in Christ, and how do we keep it? Why should we keep unity? Tune in tonight at 6:30 and let God enlighten you