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Pastor Frances Cobian aka Pastor Sapphire, Pastor Real, Franny The Children Entertainer is called to impart and activate the gifts of the Spirit in order to raise up strong effective ministries and servants of the body of Christ. More important, Pastor Sapphire has a great passion and obligation to the book of Eziekel Chapter 3 and 33 where we are accountable for what we know. Pastor Sapphire and her Ministers provide a mobile ministry where they provide ambulatory service to homes and provide biblical studies and deliverance sessions. Our ministry is focused on empowering and encouraging the flock and the lost on the strategies, the guidelines of Spiritual Warfare and deliverance. Pastor Sapphire is a gifted women of God with a divine seven-fold ministry in her life, her desire is to infiltrate the world with the Word and Armor of God. She is dedicated to perfecting the servants and training ministers to fulfill the call “Purpose” on their lives. Along with her apostolic and pastoral responsibilities she educates, entertains children with the anointing and resurrected powers she has been imparted by our Father. Pastor Sapphire ministers throughout the United States and in the Caribbean Islands for the glory and honor of our Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Sapphire is a native New Yorker. Her ministerial staff for Blogtalkradio are Co-Host, Chaplain Rich, EVANGELIST Tina, Youth Leader Salvatore, Youth Leader Crystal and Missionary Abol awesome faithful servants of God, who will soon be featuring her segments on BTR.

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The book of Daniel contains one of the most familiar visions and insights into satan's kindgom as well as God's Authority. Daniel has a number of direct spiritual encounters similar to what we have today. History repeats itself. Do you think... more

When you are feeling disconnected from God's presence and love YOU ARE IN A WAR. In a war you must have amunition and a strategic plan. Today we hope we are not scaring anyone into listening to the message on "Spiritual Warfare... more

Abnormal anger can be a sign of many different problems. Psychiatric books link unusual anger with organic brain disorders TODAY, we will share how the spirit of the Lord has lifted up a standard against heaviness in our minds, soul... more

Imagine on Oct 31 ( HEBREW On the twenty-fourth day of that same month, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar. This event occurred on Oct. 31, 445 B.C.) in the bible (Neh. 9) there was deliverance, restoration and plenty of... more

Many times the Christian fails in some endeavor and tends to condemn themselves. We have a habit of comparing ourselves with the people in the Bible, such as MARY, Noah, Moses et al. We believe because we cannot do the great... more

Brayden Baxter is a young 12 year old boy who knows that the only way he can survive in school and life is through prayer. Today his mind is set up and focus to become a Pastor/Chaplain in the Navy. He loves God's people and God has... more

The pain of recovery, is sometimes more painful then the operation, seperation and isolation. Suicide victims recover and become survivors. Domestic Violence Victims recover and are labeled survivors. The process of recovery sometimes... more

A ENTERPRISE CONSPIRACY OR bathtub conspiracy is a conspiracy between, two subsidiaries, parts, or any other division of the same enterprise or firm. It is a conspiracy between related companies. Under a bathtub conspiracy, a parent... more

Suicide does not discriminated it harrasses all people of all walks of life. Pastor Fran knows someone who was a member of New Wine Ministry in Florida who hanged herself. In the Word of God we read of "Ahithophel (2 Samuel 17:23)... more
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