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Da Wrek N Krew Entertainmnet Present Passion News.. . One love... one purpose.. one passion... Acts 14:15....And they were saying, “Men, what are you doing? We are also men of passions like you, we who preach to you that you should turn from these worthless things to THE LIVING GOD (HU) which is he that made The Heavens and The Earth and The Sea and all that is in them. "We're not gonna be apart of Hip-Hop. We're taking over Hip-Hop and make it a vehicle to reach THE YOUTH!" THE LOVE MAN IS HERE. Featuring dynamic new musical selections, outrageous humor, soul stirring dialog, and weekly celebrity guests. Hosted by The Love Man: Dr. Passion, every Saturday night at 9 PM EST on Guest call in number: (917)889-3070. Email us at: