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Passport 2 Your Passion

Passion Loves Purpose


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A discussion of our lives, loves, passions and finding our purpose. We will discuss the 3 words that describe our life and the 5 words that lead to change.

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The three most important words in your life begins with the letter I. I Am ----and whatever comes next. I is personal, I is me. I is how I define myself. But is it really? So many times we think we are bringing original thoughts to the table,... more

Who are the false prophets in your life? What have you been taught that you later learned was false? We are imperfect people try to teach imperfect people in a perfect manner. It will never happen. History is full of societies that have tried to... more

It all begins with a thought. What causes the dopamine in your brain to drip? 'G' words clearly assist in driving this process. In order to grow. In order to break the gravitational pull of society we must create the habit of thinking differently. Of... more

The "F" word should be shunned. The four letter word that we must reject is fear! Far to many people allow thier fear of something dictate their actions. And when we do, it becomes a habit. And all habits are learned. And when we choose to... more

As we go about our day, it is estimated that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day. And exactly what do these thoughts mean? Are they leading us toward our dreams? Or are they leading us away from our desires? Or, are they simply... more

As we go about our day, we often give little thought to our thoughts. We, for the most, are either functioning on auto pilot or we are reacting to events or the actions of others. Our habits have developmented routines which drive our... more

The 'C' word makes your life work. It is not something we say, but rather, it is something we think and do. Courage, confidence, committment are all examples of a 'C' word that we must repeat over and over. We must also act... more

The fear of not being good enough cripples many of us. This is self imposed and limits our own greatness. We are duped into thinking and believing those who achieve have more talent than you. They success and greatness is reserved to... more

Seek your passion. Do acts daily that will move you in the direction. You become the very thing that you think about and take action toward. "You will be known by the fruit you bear." No matter what you think of yourself, your world around... more

Are you an 'A' person? Do others descrive you as an 'A' person? We will examine the 'A' words that dominate our life. As we go through life we must constanty review and examine our self talk. Expecially as it relatesto our dreams,... more