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Fri 3/18/2011 (11PM-11:30PM est Killing Fear by Purposeful Action (Attitude, Discipline, Direction)

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Multitudes of people lament that they would take less money by the hour in order to find more satisfaction in working in an industry or area of personal passion and strong interests. A study done on over 100 millionaires noted that the reason most of each of these individuals were rewarded with the staggering number of dollars consistently, had one common theme. Regardless of ethnicity, educational level, low income during childhood, gender, race and even physical and mental challenges, each person mentioned the love and passion that initiated the endeavor and that this enthusiasm made growing their businesses a natural offspring. "I love what I get to do", said one millionaire who went further to remark, "I wrongly thought for too long that a person couldn't make a living by embracing a hobby or something that they actually enjoyed doing even without pay. I have learned that it is because I would do it well without pay that makes sticking through rough spots an absolute given. I've invested in a passion and so it is personal and of value to me. I make a difference and I suppose because my staff do it so well the dollars are my secondary thought. I am privileged to pay my staff more because they work from approval and enthusiasm, not for it." All of the above stated, here is a topic to begin with. The question is: What is one thing you love to do and folks tell you that you should go to the next level with it. How have you justified staying in a comfort zone that is increasingly uncomfortable? Job security and tenure if even at a job good friends know you despise? Fear? Practicality? "Perfect humility dispenses with modesty." -C.S. Lewis Answers Read the story at link below as it may give ideas to generate ideas U want to share. http://www.motivateus.com/stories/jack.htm Don't be timid, call in! Call me at: (213)325-3434 or email me with questions if you don't want your voice on air. Kill the fear, call in!