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Passing 4 Normal, hosted by Sharon Weil, is a show about Change. Her guests are remarkable, everyday heroes who create and adapt to change in their own unique and inspiring ways… and inform how you can too! Join us for lively discussions, fascinating insight, and valuable information. Sharon Weil is a filmmaker, healing artist, environmental activist, and the author of Donny and Ursula Save the World.

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Sharon Weil talks with gifted intuitive astrologer, Rachel Lang, about using the portals of astrology and intuitive perception to bring about personal change, self-trust, and courage that can translate to social action that can change the... more

Amanda Foulger, calls in the spirits from the unseen world, which is very much a part of our own. Shamanic practitioner, teacher, and healer, Amanda Foulger talks with Sharon Weil about how we can return our world and our lives to the sacred... more

Jackie Welch Schilcher is the consummate creative artist, an accomplished Nashville actress, singer, writer, director, creativity coach and drop dead funny improv performer… now she is working with clay! Sharon Weil and Jackie... more

Sharon Weil talks with Adam Wolpert, painter, permaculturist and group facilitator about the moving patterns of relationship in nature, art, and group dynamics. As one of the founders of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Adam holds a... more

The tables are turned when Sharon Weil is interviewed by guest host, Rachel Lang. It's the Thanksgiving show, and with deep gratitude, Sharon discusses her thinking behind the creation of the Passing 4 Normal Podcast, her ideas about... more

Sharon Weil and John Weeks, talk about how to integrate conventional medicine. John Weeks is a writer, organizer, and the executive director of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health (ACCHC) His mission and... more

Sharon Weil talks with Beth Rosales, philanthropic advisor, about strategic charitable giving for social change. For more than 35 years, Beth has made a priority to ?move money? towards strengthening social justice movements... more

Sharon Weil engages with author/activist-awakener, Paul Rogat Loeb. Paul Loeb wrote the book on citizen engagement and activism in Soul of a Citizen, The Impossible Will Take a Little While, and several other seminal books. A true... more

When Sharon Weil talks with renowned structural bodyworker, Harvey Ruderian, they travel far. As a long time practitioner and instructor, (Aston Patterning, Rolfing, Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral manipulation) Harvey's... more

Sharon Weil talks with Ann Gentry, founder/owner of Real Food Daily restaurants in Los Angeles, California about plant-based diets, and how she elevated vegetarian cooking to high cuisine. They talk about the role food plays in our... more