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"A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within." Cicero remarks to the Roman senate. Join us for light hearted discussions around the water cooler on some very serious topics.

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Before its all said and done, We The Sheeple of the United States of America will have allowed our lobbyist led imbeciles in the congress and senate the opportunity to bail out Wall Street, fund two wars via debt financing, increase... more

Do we the people of the United States or the officials we have elected appreciate that the problems facing our nation did not happen over night and therefore cannot be solved overnight. Tonight Disgruntle and Gruntle will discuss the... more

When looked at individually, U.S. congressmen and senators appear very intelligent. However, considered collectively, when in congressional session they are little smarter than a group of rabid monkeys that have somehow managed... more

Please join your commentators Disgruntle and Gruntle as we discuss our solution to end the threat of socialism, communism and fascism forever (if we left out any other ism's - include those as well). Our solution is to privatize it all.... more