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Your hosts Sue & Andrew O'Brien also known as Couple on the Run talk running, great running destinations, marathons, running events and festivals, run travel, diet, injury prevention, running for charity, health, fitness & all things Partnerunning. With regular guests and popular segments we aim to help soon to be, new and experienced runners as well as their family, friends and the running industry. Regular segments include: * Over the Shoulder: A look at recent events; * Ask Sue: Running related listener questions; * Travelling Fit: Marathon travel locations; * Go Further Together: Partnerunning tips; * Lessons for Life: Learning from running; * The Road Ahead: A look at future events. Do you have a question, suggested topic, know someone we could interview or any other ideas? Are you a race director, sponsor looking to promote a charity fund raiser? We would love to hear from you and include you on the show.

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What do you look for before entering a running race or event? Have you ever been caught out with unexpected requirements or conditions? Unexpected surprises can include: Lack of accommodation in the race area Challenging start... more

Training for an endurance event is a wonderful challenge leading to many rewards. For new runners the challenge can be daunting with uncertainty as to where to start and what to do. For experienced runners the challenge often shifts... more

The Centennial Park Ultra will be held for the third time on Sunday September 15th 2013 in Sydney Australia, With 50km and 100km solo events and team options for both distances the CP Ultra is quickly gaining a reputation as a must... more

In this special show we talk to Vanessa Runs and Running Hutch. Vanessa is a trail runner, mountain lover, endurance athlete and author with a wonderful story to tell. Check out The Summit Seeker, Vanessa's book. The Taper is one of... more

In Partnerunning Show #100 we interviewed running legend Ron Clarke who told us running back-to-back events was important for him as he set 19 world records. Last weekend we ran with Dale Huang who has run a marathon for well... more

Running is an ideal activity for learning and improvement. At first glance people see the learning in running involving opportunities to learn about and improve the way your run. This is certainly true however running also is an excellent activity... more

The Surf Coast Century burst onto the international running scene in September 2012 and runners are looking forward to the 2014 edition being held on Saturday September 21st 2013. With 4 sections of approximatley 25km combining beach... more

The Two Bays Trail Run is quickly gaining legendary status in the Australian running community. In this special feature interview with Race Director Rohan Day we look behind the scenes to gain an insight into why this is such a special... more

Earlier in 2013 as we took the Partnerunning Show on the road to Asia we met a number of people excited at the news there was to be a running event in Luang Prabang, Laos. We soon discovered a friend of ours and trusted race director... more

The 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon and Community Run Festival began in August 2012. In this special feature of The Partnerunning Show we talk to Race Director Jason Crowther about the founding of the race and the program for 2013.... more
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