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Your hosts Sue & Andrew O'Brien also known as Couple on the Run talk running, great running destinations, marathons, running events and festivals, run travel, diet, injury prevention, running for charity, health, fitness & all things Partnerunning. With regular guests and popular segments we aim to help soon to be, new and experienced runners as well as their family, friends and the running industry. Regular segments include: * Over the Shoulder: A look at recent events; * Ask Sue: Running related listener questions; * Travelling Fit: Marathon travel locations; * Go Further Together: Partnerunning tips; * Lessons for Life: Learning from running; * The Road Ahead: A look at future events. Do you have a question, suggested topic, know someone we could interview or any other ideas? Are you a race director, sponsor looking to promote a charity fund raiser? We would love to hear from you and include you on the show.

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Trail running, social media communities and running groups are becoming increasingly popular. One group which embraces these three aspects and more is the Surf Coast Trail Runners and we are pleased to have as our... more

Preparing for all possible scenarios is the key to running success. Training, event selection, race success, recovery and injury management all benifit from the use of scenarios. In this episode of The Partnerunning Show Sue and... more

What are the big mistakes that undermine running perfromance and enjoyment? In this episode of The Partnerunning Show Sue and Andrew outline the Seven Deadly Sins of Running. These seven sins can impact runners of all ages and... more

Are you experiencing runner's widow syndrome? Are you the runner or the widow? Runners's widow synrdome can occur when one partner is a keen runner and the other is not. The dreaded syndrome occurs when... more

Sunday March 16th 2014 was the second running of the Malaysia Women Marathon. The Partnerunning Show was there and recorded a live show at the expo on Saturday 15th March. As this is a live show the sound quality includes... more

With the year now well underway it is not too late to plan the year ahead or to fine tune your plans. This week we look at different approaches to planning your running year including: The One Off The Occasional The Annual The Big One... more

This week on the Partnerunning Show Sue and Andrew answer a few popular and not so common questions from runners. Regular segments include: Over The Sshoulder Ask Sue The Road Ahead

Finding a running partner can be a challenge and finding a new running partner when your previous one is no longer available can be even harder. In this episode of The Partnerunning Show we look at: options for finding a running partner... more

Have you heard of Park Run? Have you participated in Park Run? This week on the Partnerunning Show Sue and Andrew talk to George Mihalakekkis the Event Director for Berwick Springs Park Run as they discover all about Park Run... more
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