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Your hosts Sue & Andrew O'Brien also known as Couple on the Run talk running, great running destinations, marathons, running events and festivals, run travel, diet, injury prevention, running for charity, health, fitness & all things Partnerunning. With regular guests and popular segments we aim to help soon to be, new and experienced runners as well as their family, friends and the running industry. Regular segments include: * Over the Shoulder: A look at recent events; * Ask Sue: Running related listener questions; * Travelling Fit: Marathon travel locations; * Go Further Together: Partnerunning tips; * Lessons for Life: Learning from running; * The Road Ahead: A look at future events. Do you have a question, suggested topic, know someone we could interview or any other ideas? Are you a race director, sponsor looking to promote a charity fund raiser? We would love to hear from you and include you on the show.

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The first ever Australian Running Convention will take place in Melbourne on Saturday 6th September 2014. In this episode of The Partnerunning Show we talk to Vickie Saunders and Richard Bowles, two of the people behind the convention. The Australian Running Convention will feature a range of expert speakers and run industry specialists. The program includes: Seminars; Workshops; Masterclasses; Products; Services; and, Events. Topics include: How to plan your annual running calendar The sensible approach to food Run yourself well The powerful mind of a runner Fight or Flight panel conversation hosted by Lisa Holmes, Editor of Runners World Tickets and details available at Australian Running Convention Regular segments include: Over the shoulder Ask Sue The road ahead
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Learning from your event is one of the best ways to improve yet many runners fail to conduct a post race review. Based on the After Action Review technique developed in the military The Partnerunning Post Race Review is a step by step... more

Planning your race strategy can make a major impact on your race day experience. After training, your race startegy is the next most important aspect of successful running as it guides everything you do in the lead up and during the... more

How far can I go? When am I ready to go further? These are two popular questions runners often ask. It does not matter wether the focus is your first 5k or 100 miler the doubts and concerns are often the same. At the other end of the... more

Do you keep a training diary? The training diary can be your best friend but for many people it is on the list of things to do. For others the keeping data is the focus rather than making use of it. With increasing numbers of Apps available a... more

Back in the days before blogging and social media running advice came from a mixture of running books, running magazines, coaches and the runners and other people we had contact with. Poor advice was mostly limited to the people you... more

At one level running is pretty simple. Lace up your shoes and away you go. After you do that a few times the questions start to mount and a popular one is how do I plan where to run? In this episoide of The Partnerunning Show we look at... more

The marathon is a mix of beauty and the beast. On one hand anyone can dedicate themselves to train for and complete the 26 mile journey. At the same time the marathon is tough and to achieve your best requires a combination of... more

At one stage or another most runners ask the questions: How do I run faster? How do I run further? How do I have more fun on the run? Some focus on speed and endurance as a constant challenge. For some it is more about fun. It is... more

The Surf Coast Century is one of the must do events for trail runners with stunning scenery and a mix of options including: 100km solo 50km solo 100km team (up to 4 members) In this episode we talk to event director Sam Maffett... more
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