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The Partners in Health show was created to inform, educate and inspire the community to appreciate the benefits of healthy living, nutrition and exercise. In addition, we highlight business owners from various career fields to learn what makes them successful and to promote their products and services.

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You know the days: You wake up with a fresh mind, but worries soon emerge, triggered by distressing news stories, a bottleneck commute, concerns about people you love. Before long, anxiety rears its wide-eyed head. Your heart starts racing and your mind trips over its shoelaces. If you were frazzled before, now you're barely breathing. Even years of meditation or yoga practice, however, aren't always enough to handle the challenges of the modern world. When anxiety takes you by surprise, these strategies will help you catch your breath and calm your mind. Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as she shares 24 ways to help you find calm in a Frantic World. Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.
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