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The 1 World Order

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The Voice of Presence

The Voice of Presence


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The Elitist mindset is secured from birth; if not cultivated from among society, and is typically observed as a divine birthright. Those that are in power adopt/adapt an extremely narcissistic arrogance about this birthright. Many are absolutely raised in an environment of supremacy. A not uncommon belief of an ethereal overlord; it's not always the God imagined in most religions either.

Look at the 3 well known and widespread monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All 3 view themselves as "the chosen people" and all 3 consider the remaining two to be inferior; even citing "Infidel" and are attributed many lower class levels.

The World Elite operate in much the same manner; this view is likewise seen in most Monarchies. The belief that the very blood that runs through your own veins, is somehow superior to any/all other humans, is nothing less than racism.

Many attempt to mask this; the conversion process, or, making proselytes. Within the very heart of Judaism, an element is seen whereby maintaining ones own race/ethnicity is vividly painted into the scriptures; what remains left for speculation, conversation, conjecture, or conspiracy theory, is if and when that translates into the superior/inferior mind set beliefs.

The World Elite is often described from the 13 Royal Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Depending on which website you visit, you'll find different names being attributed to these 13. We can trace Royalty back or many thousands of years, and find inter-family marriages; Cleopatra married two of her brothers. It has also been proven that All U.S. Presidents are relatives of each other, and all but one can trace their lineage to a King John.

Whether your or I believe in it; or whether or not it even exists, many of the most powerful people on earth, do practice black magic, incantations, spells, witchcraft and wizardry.