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The Voice of Presence

The Voice of Presence


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Religion, Politics, Education, the Media, Hollywood, Music, Healthcare, and even Philosophy all work on the premise of Mind Control. These entities exist to mold us into certain beliefs, actions, feelings, and emotions. Call it training, brainwashing, or even indoctrinating. 

A Government project called MK Ultra is an umbrella term that covers a multitude of efforts to program thought, and even create scenarios simply for observation. 

This is one area that I'm aware of, but not one I have studied with any lengthy or significant effort. Tony DLivahh Prince will be joining us to discuss Mind Control.

Just think of the Advertising that we're all inundated with on a minute by minute basis; from Car Dealerships, to Soda commercials, to TV Drama, Entertainment, and even during our daily/nightly newscasts.

In addition to simply helping us decide what we want to eat, drink, wear, drive, or where we want to spend our vacations, Mind Control has a much much dark and sinister side to it.

I'm going to try to get another person of interest on this subject, for the program. Think of Drugs, Prostitution, kidnappings, Blind LSD Studies, and even scientific experiments, including torture and even Murders, and even Suicides.

The Hidden Hand, The Powers That Be (TPTB), the Illuminati, the Elite, etc... use Mind Control in forced labor, or service, sex and sex slavery, eugenics programs, and much much more.

7:00 PM Eastern, on Wednesday 04/24/2013 on Mind Control, Hypnosis, Psyops; and explore more of our message and mission.

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Remember to say it, I am the idea that can't be killed, and I am the voice that can't be silenced.