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Jay Davis -Unafraid Parent

Parent Unafraid - with Jay Davis


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Abrasive and unapologetic, Parent Unafraid returns to BlogTalk Radio with it's unique take on the failings of the child welfare system.

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Tune in at 10 tonight - or podcast it - or whatever. Tonight, Jay Davis breaks his silence and tells the tale of the most recent attack on his family by a former spouse who hears voices and sees things that aren't there, a guy who believes... more

HO HO HOlLD the f*c* on!!! A LIVE episode of Parent Unafraid??? I can't miss that! And neither should you. Email your questions, comments, congratulations and/or gift cards to parentunafraid@centurylink.net Pay attention as the evening... more

Parent Unafraid uses the mighty power of the Internet airwaves to wish a very Happy Birthday to longtime fan, Melissa Curran. Melissa, it goes without saying that we could do none of the things that we do without your unwavering... more

The above ground bunker has been exposed and it's time for Parent Unafraid to return to the underground while keeping the relevant issues on the forefront. Listener call ins are invited and encouraged!

Parent Unafraid returns with host, Jay Davis, once again flying solo. There is a chance a guest or two may be in the bunker with Jay Davis, so be sure to check it out. Calls are invited - from parents, from victims of the systems, and from the... more

Jay Davis presents a condensed fifteen minute episode of Parent Unafraid and hopes you listen in. Better yet, call in. Let the bastards know - We're not going away!

Hosts Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran return live to Blog Talk Radio today at 3:00 pm. From a new, yet still undisclosed bunker location, the boys will talk about where they've been and what's next for the Parent Unafraid Revolution. They'll... more

Join us live today as we hear from the leader of parent unafraid who has been taken hostage by the enemy

Parent Unafraid makes a triumphant return as Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran bring their unique brand of wit, cynicism and a hatred for all things Vandersloot back to the airwaves of BlogTalk Radio and YouTube. Join in the discussion by... more

Parent Unafraid is ready to bring that typical shit. UNAFRAID. UNABASHED. UNCENSORED. UNRELENTING. Parent Unafraid brings the TRUTH RIGHT NOW.