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  • 04:38

    Ring Rust Radio – July 12 w/ WWE Great Balls of Fire, Raw, SmackDown Reviews

    in Sports

    Catch Ring Rust Radio’s Full WWE Great Balls of Fire, Raw and SmackDown LIVE Reviews, Smarks Say the Darndest Things, Dirtsheet Busters, Wednesday Wrestling Minutes—NXT, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA Impact Wrestling and Indy Wrestling—Match Commentary: WCW Doomsday Cage Match 1996, Season 16 Fantasy Updated Standings, Fan Emails and so much more!

  • 01:30

    Cardinals offseason stories, Blaine Gabbert's chance, NFL Top 100

    in Football

    We're back! After a break from the show after the NFL draft, Rise Up, See Red has returned to talk about the burning stories surrounding the Arizona Cardinals in the offseason. Hosts Jess Root and Seth Cox recap the stories that came out of OTAs and minicamp, including how the team is handling Carson Palmer, how injuries are affecting the team right now and how one player has taken a clear lead in the competition the second starting cornerback position. 
    They go over everything about Blaine Gabbert, talk about the NFL Top 100 and then discuss some of the pressing contract issues the Cardinals could have moving forward with their young players. 
    It's the best hour (plus some) of Cardinals talk. Give it a listen!

  • 02:52

    See Something Say Nothing: Phil Haney, Doc Marquis and Jon Robberson

    in News

    7:00pm  Show host, 30 year veteran investigator and author, Douglas J Hagmann delivers the Hagmann Executive Summary.  This will be a nightly monologue that will serve to set the tone of the show, cover the top of the news (and if we’re lucky) perhaps blow out a classic Doug Hagmann rant. 7:30pm  Doc Marquis has penned another phenomenal new book and he is excited to tell us all about it. The book is titled The Final Rapture.  WE have yet to read it. Its only been available for a week or two but based on this topic being the "biggie" we anticipate a spirited discussion and Doc is such a fine researcher, that regardless of your personal eschatology, you will earn something new. 8:00pm Producer and Program Director of the Hagmann Report stops by for a Socratic dialogue with Doc Marquis.
    9:00pm  Welcome debut guest, Phil Haney  
    Click HERE for show website
    Click HERE for News & Show Prep: (www.HagmannReport.com) Like us on Facebook HERE: (www.facebook.com/HagmannReport) Follow us on Twitter HERE (https://twitter.com/HagmannReport) Like Doug on Facebook HERE: (https://www.facebook.com/douglas.hagmann

  • 00:37

    Big Brother 19 | Overnight Update Podcast | July 19, 2017

    in Movies

    Live Feed Correspondents Taran Armstrong & Brent Wolgamott are joined by guest Dustin West to update the overnight BB19 house happenings and provide analysis of the events.

  • 02:27

    The Open Championship 2017

    in Golf

    The Tour Junkies host resident European Tour expert, Ashley Morrisson, for the podcast to drop some insider knowledge on the players and track for this years Open Championship from Royal Birkdale. David, Pat, & Ash talk about the course, who it sets up for, and who it doesn't. 
    Ash keeps his ear close to the ground of European Tour golf, and brings insight that is second to none for DFS players. It's a big event with a ton of contenders, so you'll have to deal with the length of the pod. 
    Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Tour Junkies Podcast. David & Pat strive to bring the best research, analysis & humor to keep your listening enjoyable…not just informative. You can support the Podcast further by doing a few things to spread the word & improve the quality of the show.
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    As always, thank you for making the Tour Junkies your trusted source for all things PGATour & Fantasy Golf. May your screens be green!

  • 01:58

    Jim O'Kon: How the Maya Changed the World

    in History

    The Maya were the longest-lived civilization in history. Their civilization began in 2500 BC on a time-line with the ancient Sumerians and terminated in 900 AD during the reign of Charlemagne. Their histories did not converge because the Maya and other world civilizations did not know of each other’s existence. The Maya were the phantoms of history. They were the greatest agronomists in world history. Their cultivars nourished the Maya culture and enabled their rapid growth into a society of profound thinkers.
    After European contact, the inventive products of Maya agronomy were disseminated around the world. The integration of Maya cultivars into world cultures has changed the course of world history. Maya science has changed the world. Maya Cultivars now feed and clothe the majority of the world’s population. They have increased the global population, started wars, overthrown monarchies, ignited the industrial revolution, initiated educational systems, started sports empires, changed the lifestyles of world cultures and have killed more people than all the wars in history. It will come as a surprise that history can be changed by a civilization that collapsed over a thousand years ago. Maya cultivars are living inventions that have become a part of the world's heritage and continue to make history.
    James O’Kon, P.E. has pursued a lifelong passion for Maya archaeology and he has combined his unique professional engineering experience with the search for lost Maya technology. He has applied his engineering talents to explore and investigate Maya sites located deep in the dense rainforest. Traveling by dugout canoe, hacking his way through the tangled jungle while fighting off millions of insects and sleeping in tents, his search went on for lost secrets of Maya technology. 

  • 00:38

    Hadoop and the Future of Big Data

    in Technology

    Data industry guru and analyst John Myers joins Phil Bowermaster for a discussion about the future of big data. Is big data, and Apache Hadoop in particular, experiencing some kind of existential crisis? Has Hadoop "failed us?" 
    John describes how the crisis may be one of mismatched expectations, explaining that Hadoop is free in the same way that free puppy is free. Moreover, while Hadoop addresses the addresses the major challenges of the big data era, it does not automatically solve the myriad other data management problems that data warehouse and database systems have been addressing for years.
    So is Hadoop over, or is it just getting started? And what does the future of Hadoop have to tell us about the future of big data, and therefore the future of everything else?
    Tune in and explore.
    About Our Guest
    John Myers has nearly 20 years of experience in areas related to business analytics and business intelligence in professional services, sales consulting, product management, industry analysis and research. John is a frequent contributor to industry publications including Search Business Analytics, Inside Analysis and Information Management. He speaks internationally on the topics of telecom analytics, data virtualization and Big Data. John has been previously named as one of the Top 100 Big Data Influencers. He is a Managing Research Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics Practice with EMA.
    WT 294-603

  • 01:36

    Chase Kloetzke, Investigating the "Starchild Skull"

    in Paranormal

    Chase Kloetzke is a former Master Trainer/Master Instructor with the Department of Defense, and has an accreditation in Bio-Mechanical Engineering. Among other things, she trained Force Readiness and Elite Force Protection. She has now brought these skills to UFO research. Chase joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996. She has served as the STAR Team Director and Deputy Director of Investigations. She now leads the Special Assignment Team (SAT). They respond to reports that need specific and thorough attention. She also aides in International UFO investigations in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America.
    The focus of this interview is another interesting area of research Chase participates in. Chase has been investigating strange skulls that some believe may be of extraterrestrial origins. Her most thorough investigation has been of what is known as "The Starchild Skull.” Along with her research partners, she has released a full report on her findings. She has also investigated elongated skulls from Peru and her team has made some fascinating discoveries.
    For more information about Chase, visit: ChaseKloetzke.com
    For more information about Chase's investigations, visit: thefieldreportscom.wordpress.com
    For more about MUFON, visit: www.MUFON.com

  • 00:22

    Aaron Clarey--Klepto-Currencies and Mortgage Burning Party #3267

    in Finance

    Capital Capitalism joined us today. He was in a celebratory mood. He's paying off his mortgage and will be officially debt-free. Sometimes paying off your debt is the best possible investment you can make. It's okay to borrow to buy assets that will self-liquidate the debt. 
    We also discussed the emerging Klepto-Currency market. There's over 970 crypto-currencies in the market right now. The leaders appear to have peaked and we'll have to see what's going to happen next. 

  • 03:05

    AngryFansRadio Live!

    in Hip Hop Music


  • 01:34

    PWTorch Livecast - Prime Time Friday w/Bruce Mitchell & Rich Fann

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch columnist Bruce Mitchell & PWTorch contributor Rich Fann close out the Prime Time Friday PWTorch Livecast with a ton of callers discussing the cancellation of Talking Smack, Jeff Jarrett's Impact, the Summerslam main event, Samoa Joe, and more.