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    Connecting to your Child through Reflective Listening

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    We frequently discuss listening and communication. We have talked to you about our experiences and knowledge about children that have come from being mental health counselors trained in play therapy and as credentialed play therapists. In this episode we will talk about what the most important listening skill: Reflection and why it is helpful and necessary for creating remarkable relationships with your children. We will also give you an insider’s perspective of making reflections part of your listening on a day to day basis, improving ALL your relationships. We know how difficult it can be to connect even your own children; we believe we can help. With over 25 years combined clinical experience with children we can help you, help your child. In this show will cover several strategies that can help you help your children to become Freakishly Well Behaved kids. This episode will focus on Reflective Listening.
    Author, Professor, Mental Health Counselor, Play Therapist, International Speaker, & Mom-- Dr. Mullen has learned from the thousands of children she has worked with insights and actions necessary for parenting that will lead to the behavior and attitude changes you are looking for with your children. 
    If you are willing to learn, listen, grow, and work hard at this, your results will be nothing short of miraculous! You can have Freakishly Well Behaved Kids too! Remember to check out NAUGHTY NO MORE an activity book to help kids make better decisions. When kids feel good, they behave that way!

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    What Does It Mean To Be a Mother?

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    In observance of Mother's Day we will talk about what it means to be a mother, including how this meaning is changing over time, or is it really? Dr. Annie Abram will be interviewed by Rondi Charleston.  Dr. Abram is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, and holds a PhD in clinical social work. Her practice is in Norwalk, CT.
    Rondi Charleston, a Juilliard graduate, is an award winning jazz singer/lyricist/composer whose work has appeared in film, TV and on stage throughout the U.S. and Europe.
    Her most recent album, Signs of Life, climbed the Jazz Week charts for ten consecutive weeks and has critics raving; Jazz Times proclaims: “she is a songwriter whose poetic, narrative, and compositional skills are comparable to such modern masters as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.” Touring in support of Signs of Life, Rondi and her all-star band have given sold out performances from coast to coast – from Yoshi’s in San Francisco, to Mayne Stage in Chicago, to Joe’s Pub in New York. Along the way, Rondi has appeared as a featured guest on such prestigious television – PBS Chicago Tonight, Entertainment Tonight, and ABC Windy City Live. Prior to her jazz career Rondi worked at ABC News as a journalist. She received an Emmy and Peabody Award as a television journalist and investigative reporter for Primetime Live.

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    Mindful Parenting: Helping Kids Use Their Internal Guidance w/ Sharon Ballantine

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    Join us for a moving discussion on how we as business leaders can be leaders at home too, in a healthy and proactive way with our kids. Each of us possesses our own internal compass that will always direct us to our best answers.
    Bio:  Sharon Ballantine has always felt that one of her missions in life was to be the best parent she could possibly be. She has raised three children and her greatest joy is being with them. She is a parenting coach, life coach and founder of The Ballantine Parenting Institute—her online course for parents. She has just completed her first book, "The Art of Blissful Parenting – Teaching Your Children How To Follow Their Internal Guidance" in which she guides parents on the practical and spiritual aspects of raising happy, self-reliant kids. Her core message is that by following our own Internal Guidance System and teaching our children to follow theirs, parents have more freedom and ease in their relationship with their children.  View Sharon Online  Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | Youtube | Instagram

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    The Reason Your Kids Are Screwed Up is You! (Intro by Fire!)

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    You are a bad parent, now start doing something to fix it.
    08/07/2016 Assignment: 
    What is the one thing that if accomplished would have the greatest impact on your life?
    My One Thing is . . .
    Name three simple action items that you can take to start the process of acheiving this one thing.
    1)  ________________________________________________________
    2) ________________________________________________________
    3) ________________________________________________________
    *Each day for the next 7 days, write down three simple (acheivable) easy action items that you want to complete each day.
    TIP:  Buy a cheap spiral bound student notebook to record your goals and action items.

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    Special Parents Confidential 45 Soledad O'Brien

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    Soledad O’Brien Interview.
    A few months ago, while in a doctor’s office for a checkup, reading the usual magazines, my wife happened to see an article about Soledad O’Brien. She talked about her son Jackson, who was having issues in school with behavior and not understanding instructions from the teacher. Finally, Jackson was diagnosed with 80% hearing loss and is now receiving special support help in school. The interview detailed much of the work that Soledad does, not only for her own children’s education, but also her charity, The Starfish Foundation, which helps support education for middle to low income girls in school.
    The article inspired us to get in contact with Soledad’s production company to ask if she would be willing to talk about some of the work she does and the issues that matter to her most about education and special education in America, and around the world. We’re pleased to say that she graciously agreed and this is episode is the resulting interview.
    A Great Advocate For Education
    As you listen to hear speak, it’s clear that Soledad O’Brien is not only a great advocate for education, but she stresses the importance of all parents being involved in their children’s education, whether the child is in special education or general ed. She is also passionate about the need for proper funding for public education and special education. As she says in the interview, “…the amount of money that it takes to keep people in prison could pay for them to go to Harvard.”

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    Parent Unafraid - WWIII

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    Tune in at 10 tonight - or podcast it - or whatever. Tonight, Jay Davis breaks his silence and tells the tale of the most recent attack on his family by a former spouse who hears voices and sees things that aren't there, a guy who believes that fist fights with 11 year olds, calling 9 year olds "retards," and throwing televisions at 4 year olds is a reasonable thing to do, the ever-ridiculous LaVista Police and an army of CPS workers, who are all-to-willing to destroy ANY family, but who get exceptionally aroused by the thought of destroying Jay Davis. Tonight's show might be short, but it will be worth your 15 minutes. Stay Tuned

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    Dr. Amber Brooks DAN Professional

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    Join me as I interview a DAN- Defeat Autism Now doctor Amber Brooks. 

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    Wicked Insurance Matters Radio Show w/Greg Durette - Compassionate Elder Care

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    Compassionate Elder Care…The Right Way
    Mention elder care and images of horrible places on par with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest come racing to mind.  The fact of the matter is, there right ways and wrong ways to manage our aging loved ones.  Without proper help and training, you are more apt to do things the wrong way.  That could have devastating results.
    This is why I have asked Tena Scallan, author of The Ultimate Compassionate Guide to Caregiving, to be my guest this week.  Her book is considered by many to be the seminal guide for anyone involved in a caregiving situation.  It’s 405 pages cover every aspect you can imagine to help caregivers get access to the best advice and resources available. 
    We will talk about:
    The big 3 elements of caregiving – emotional, physical and financial Tena’s journey which led to the writing of this book Why the healthcare system is failing caregivers Things you need to know if you are or about to become a caregiver Signs to look for if you are concerned about the quality of care your loved one is receiving Take 30 minutes and learn about how you can use this important resource to better be able to provide the level of care your loved ones depend on.
    Check out more info on Tena by visiting her website: www.TheUltimateCaregivingExpert.com.  Contact: Tena Scallan / 850-687-0416 / Email: info@theultimatecaregivingexpert.com

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    Shawntel Speaks The Science of the Time Out Child

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    Shawntel Speaks The Science of the Time Out Child Shawntel Green will be discussing the Science of the Time Out Child and her latest series of books available on Amazon.com The 2 Minute Textbook: The Science of the Time Out Child. Green authors this book from a very personal place rearing an active child with a kinesthetic learning style.
    Key discussions will include:
    Logic Behind the Behavior of Children Pathway of the Time Out Child Positve Intervention Strategies To Support The Time Out Child Understanding the impact of learning styles as it relates to behavior Wisdom TIPS More information on this subject please visit www.tipstoclass.com and take the course for credit. Also you can become a member of TIPS for Child Care Institute for no more than $25 a year for up to 120 Clock Hours.

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    "The Clean Home vs The Dirty Home"

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    It's been said that it's better to worry about your children more than a dirty home because you'll never get that time back. On the other hand, It's also been said that children need a clean, organized home and thrive in a structured environment...that a clean home can literally have a positive, physiological affect on parents.  We invite you to weigh in and vote on which you think is better and why!
    Julie Hatch is and international family mentor and advocate.  She loves to help parents bridge the gap with their children and get off of the hamster wheel of fatigue, frustration and fear-based parenting.  To learn more about Julie and her services, visit OllinConnections.com or schedule a FREE discovery session on her online planner:  Calendly.com/Julie-connector.

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