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    "More things you can do at home to help your child with dyslexia

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    "More things you can do at home to help your child with  dyslexia."  
    In a previous interview with Susan Barton we talked about different strategies to help dyslexic children at home.  Today's interview will build upon what we discussed  previously to  offer you specific strategies and tidbits.
    Susan Barton:
    An Internationally Recognized Expert in Dyslexia
    Ms. Barton is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences focusing on Dyslexia, Reading Instruction, Early Intervention and RTI, and Adult Literacy issues. Susan is also an instructor of Phonemic Awareness and Multisensory Teaching Techniques through the University of California, of Learning Disabilities at West Valley College, and of the graduate-level courses Screening for Dyslexia, Tutoring People with Dyslexia, and Understanding Dyslexia and ADHD through the University of San Diego.
    In the past few years, Susan has presented at these conferences: the American Speech Hearing Association’s national conference, the Learning Disabilities national conference, the Canadian Dyslexia Association, the Oregon branch of the International Dyslexia Association, California Literacy, many regional and statewide conferences of the International Reading Association, many regional and statewide conferences for the Association for Christian Schools International, the California and Arizona Charter Schools conferences, the California Association of School Psychologists, the California Kindergarten conference, and the Early Childhood Educators conference, to name just a few.

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    HTTR - PDA: In front of the Children?

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    PDA: In front of the Children?
    A soft kiss on the lips, a peck on the cheek or forehead; a soft touch on the small of the back…
    Right now, you might be thinking that this episode is all about love and tenderness towards your mate.  No, this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio is all about Public Displays of Affection (PDA) in front of our children.
    Researchers and psychologists agree that displays of affection in front of our children is healthy and that it allows them to see what love between a man a woman should look like. But just how much affection should be displayed in front of our children?  When does the display go too far?
    Join Toni Breedlove and Rollin Dee on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 8pm PST/ 10pm CST/ 11pm EST, as they delve into the issues of PDA in front of children.
    Listen and comment by calling (646) 200-3148.  Or listen online and join the chatroom conversation here on Blog Talk Radio, or from the HTTR website at www.hottopicstalkradio.com/hottopicstalkradio.  
    Hot Topics Talk Radio (HTTR Network) is sponsored by Shades of Afrika, SPMG Media, The Maryland Daily Examiner and 9th Island Cultural Club of Las Vegas.  For information regarding our sponsors, go to www.hottopicstalkradio.com/sponsors.

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    Connecting to your Child through Reflective Listening

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    We frequently discuss listening and communication. We have talked to you about our experiences and knowledge about children that have come from being mental health counselors trained in play therapy and as credentialed play therapists. In this episode we will talk about what the most important listening skill: Reflection and why it is helpful and necessary for creating remarkable relationships with your children. We will also give you an insider’s perspective of making reflections part of your listening on a day to day basis, improving ALL your relationships. We know how difficult it can be to connect even your own children; we believe we can help. With over 25 years combined clinical experience with children we can help you, help your child. In this show will cover several strategies that can help you help your children to become Freakishly Well Behaved kids. This episode will focus on Reflective Listening.
    Author, Professor, Mental Health Counselor, Play Therapist, International Speaker, & Mom-- Dr. Mullen has learned from the thousands of children she has worked with insights and actions necessary for parenting that will lead to the behavior and attitude changes you are looking for with your children. 
    If you are willing to learn, listen, grow, and work hard at this, your results will be nothing short of miraculous! You can have Freakishly Well Behaved Kids too! Remember to check out NAUGHTY NO MORE an activity book to help kids make better decisions. When kids feel good, they behave that way!

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    What Does It Mean To Be a Mother?

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    In observance of Mother's Day we will talk about what it means to be a mother, including how this meaning is changing over time, or is it really? Dr. Annie Abram will be interviewed by Rondi Charleston.  Dr. Abram is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, and holds a PhD in clinical social work. Her practice is in Norwalk, CT.
    Rondi Charleston, a Juilliard graduate, is an award winning jazz singer/lyricist/composer whose work has appeared in film, TV and on stage throughout the U.S. and Europe.
    Her most recent album, Signs of Life, climbed the Jazz Week charts for ten consecutive weeks and has critics raving; Jazz Times proclaims: “she is a songwriter whose poetic, narrative, and compositional skills are comparable to such modern masters as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.” Touring in support of Signs of Life, Rondi and her all-star band have given sold out performances from coast to coast – from Yoshi’s in San Francisco, to Mayne Stage in Chicago, to Joe’s Pub in New York. Along the way, Rondi has appeared as a featured guest on such prestigious television – PBS Chicago Tonight, Entertainment Tonight, and ABC Windy City Live. Prior to her jazz career Rondi worked at ABC News as a journalist. She received an Emmy and Peabody Award as a television journalist and investigative reporter for Primetime Live.

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    The Gift Our Children Possess ..... From A Parent's Perspective

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    Does sports have the only gift our children benefit from?  Student-athletes at the Division II level are a unique population that face added stress outside of the norm compared to their non-athlete counterparts. Many student-athletes often struggle when attempting to juggle their commitment and desire to excel in their sport of play with the ability to succeed in the classroom. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has placed a large emphasis on student-athlete academics by putting such rules as the Progress-Towards-Degree in place. This rule ensures student-athletes are moving towards graduation during their time as a student-athlete.  With rules such as the Progress-Towards-Degree Universities have employed compliance coordinators whose job is to make sure all student-athletes at their University comply with NCAA ruling to remain eligible for play.
    Join us for this SPECIAL episode as we host our guest from the "Gifted" children's community.  I believe you want to listen in on this conversation as our guest has some valuable tools she will share with everyone on how we can best support and guide our "Gifted & Talented" student/athletes.

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    Final Episode: The Importance of Family

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    What are the attacks that are being waged on families? How can we protect our loved ones? Join host, Julie Hatch, and special guest, Jenn McMurdo as they share their personal stories of faith and courage in honoring their roles and what they have learned along the way.  Find out why they both closed the door to their businesses and what they plan to do next! 

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    Look back

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    The Mitchell Family is looking back at there reality show where grown from from to the top. Show what is your thoughts about The Mitchell Family Reality Show give us comments call and tell us what you think we would like to hear from you all fans 

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    Shawntel Speaks The Science of the Time Out Child

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    Shawntel Speaks The Science of the Time Out Child Shawntel Green will be discussing the Science of the Time Out Child and her latest series of books available on Amazon.com The 2 Minute Textbook: The Science of the Time Out Child. Green authors this book from a very personal place rearing an active child with a kinesthetic learning style.
    Key discussions will include:
    Logic Behind the Behavior of Children Pathway of the Time Out Child Positve Intervention Strategies To Support The Time Out Child Understanding the impact of learning styles as it relates to behavior Wisdom TIPS More information on this subject please visit www.tipstoclass.com and take the course for credit. Also you can become a member of TIPS for Child Care Institute for no more than $25 a year for up to 120 Clock Hours.

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    Wicked Insurance Matters Radio Show w/Greg Durette - The End of Retirement

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    As Malcolm Forbes once said, “Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.”  Hard to argue that one.  Although, at the risk of sounding like I am cheating the grim reaper, it seems as though more folks than ever are watching their opportunity to retire slip away.  It’s true.
    Folks have succumbed in ever increasing numbers to the notion that having an abundance of things is far more important than saving for the future.  Not to mention what those things cost nowadays.  Hence, retirement is becoming less of a realistic goal for more and more Americans every year.
    It’s time to take a stand and tempt fate by setting yourself up for a good, long retirement.
    No more:
    Market drops wiping out a lifetime of saving Watching 401k’s erode before you very eyes Outliving the money you worked so hard to save Lack of information leading to bad decisions Listen and I will lay out a plan for everyone to beat the odds and actually get set up for long term prosperity. Let's do retirement right!
    Happy New Year!

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    Challenging the Rhetoric Special Series - A Sickness of Silence PT 1

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    The culture of silence lives on in every generation molding each like the one that came before it. Silence enables abuse, but our words have always held the power to stop it. It is our inability to listen to and share uncomfortable truths that have allowed families to maintain their semblance of normalcy at — not for, the sake of the child.
    Join SOS childhood sexual abuse survivors, Cheri Roberts & Kim Lakin, LIVE on Challenging the Rhetoric for a special ongoing series, “A Sickness of Silence”. These 2-hour round-table discussions will feature both male and female victims, leading experts and even the pedophiles themselves.
    Each show is designed to help break the cycle and secrets of unwholesome family traditions.
    SOS is not about shaming, blaming or naming … SOS is about sharing solutions that work and working together in order to save a child.
    Every show is immediately archived after the live broadcast for listening and sharing convenience. We ask that you do not keep our secret and instead please share our links widely.

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    Beyond Codependency

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    Do you know the actual definition of codependent? No? That’s okay, because no one does. It’s a term that was created by treatment professionals in the 80’s. In the early 80’s when treatment centers became overrun with people abusing and addicted to alcohol and drugs, clinicians attempted to lump them all together and find one label to cover the myriad of phases of addiction their clients were showing up in (read: diagnoses were becoming more and more difficult to make, and were often wrong). This led to a change in the terminology from “alcoholism” and “addicted” to “chemical dependency”. On tonight's podcast we'll discuss where the term "codependent" came from, and whether or not it actually applies to you.