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    Dear Mama Deb's Welcome to Blog Talk Radio

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    Welcome to the Dear Mama Deb Show where we give everyday parenting tips 'n tools.
    Connect with Debbie Mancini at http:/gettoknowmykid.com

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    Potty Training Support E75

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    Today's episode is THE LAST RADIO SHOW we'll be doing. We are moving to a YouTube channel that will launch in October of 2014.  Thank you for all the call ins and questions. But Video did indeed kill the radio star :)  .
    This show included the following topics:
    *Mom from last week who did the "poop camp" reported back with GREAT success. The child is still pooping every few days but mom feels very on track. YAY!
    *Mom in desperate need of advice for potty training a child on the autistic spectrum.
    *29 month old boy, 2 and a half weeks in. He doing great but parents have questions about 1) he's getting up around 2 hours earlier than normal.  2) is experimenting with throwing toys, etc. into the potty and dumping pee from pot right in front of the toilet. 3) insists on sitting on the porcelian part of the toilet, without the seat. Mom is particularly worried about this and public restroom use.
    * 23 month girl has been potty trained since July. Out of the blue, she's having accidents both at daycare and at home. Daycare is insisting on a diaper. Mom sees no molars coming in and no UTI. It doesn't feel behavioral but they don't know what to do.
    *23 month boy is doing great. He's been almost 100% at home and at daycare.  However, poop is an issue at daycare. He poops in his pants there almost every day. Is Mama stuck waiting this out or is there something else she can do to help?
    *Mom is "desperate" and thinking of alternative medicines for her 3 and half year old. He does great for a few days and then it all goes down hill. Spoiler alert: YES! chiropractic, in particular, but also acupuncturists, naturopaths and allegists are all recommeded particularly if you are struggling with an older child and it's not behavioral (this case doesn't sound behavioral)

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    This show will be at 4:00 pm U.S. Eastern and 9:00 pm U.K.
    Sunday, September 21 ~ with call-in ~ an uplifting, inspiring show HOST:  Corri Milner                GUEST:  Angela Connolly ~ from the U.K. Owner of Alltogether Kids ~ http://www.alltogetherkids.co.uk ~ email: angelaconnolly79@alive.co.uk On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/alltogetherkids  Also does various types of sessions for achieving Tranquil Sessions
    Angela is a Specialist in & teaches:  • Children's Meditation & Yoga • Baby Calming • Brain Development  Other: Reiki Master - Aromatherapist – Reflexologist - Colour & Crystal Healer -Volunteered w/ Social Care - Teaching Asst. w/ Special Needs Children - Level 3,4 Foundation Degree (U.K.) Teaching Children
    In our fast-paced, quickly changing world, it is very easy for children to become ungrounded and pulled in many different directions.  It can be stressful and anxiety-producing for both children and parents.  Meditation for children is unlike the methods adults use to meditation.  Learn how this can benefit both you and your child
    Some of the benefits of Meditation Classes for children:
    Improves sleep Reduces anxiety Improves confidence and self-esteem Creates a coping toolbox to deal with extreme emotions Live Your Potential ~ and help your children Live Their Potential
    Corri Coaching email:  corrimilner@gmail.com www.corricoaching.com LinkedIn:    Corri Milner Facebook:  Corri Coaching
    (photo by Mayan Brenn ~ Berkutt83@hotmail.it)

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    Family Time Fun....hosted by Ronda A White and Stephanie T. Price

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    Enriching the lives of single parents 

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    Everyday Wisdom for Families Psalms 4

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    We are starting a New Series! Everyday Wisdom from the Psalms
    After much prayer the Lord has given us direction for the show. We will be doing a series on the Books of Psalms. We will take each Psalm and go deep into the rich meanings and learn how to apply them to our lives. Using the Hebrew Roots, cultrual contexts and parrallel scriptures in the Bible we expect to have an exciting and enriching study.
    Pleas join us in our journey through the Psalms.  h
    Everyday Wisdom For Families is Creating Change in Today's Families.
    Host Kellie Ann Peterson has experience working with families in crisis for over 20 years. She uses this radio program to strengthen the family. She shares Biblical principles, parenting tips, education and the best of the sciences. She uses Torah, the Bible, to bring the Biblical Parenting Principles to life. Once a month she adds to the show additional expert guests. Her guests are authors, speakers and experts who bring new insights to enhance the future success of Everyday Families.

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    Mom Scoop by Mommy Magic Back to School Recipes

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    Want the real scoop on motherhood? TV Segment Host, Author, Columnist, Life Coach for Moms and Founder of the MOMMYZINE gets real about managing the daily chaos of being a mom while keeping your insanity. Funny, insightful and real...Join Mary Susan Buhner and tune into "The Mom Scoop." School Edition! She will be focusing on tons of Back to School tips and highlighting ways to save time with easy and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

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    Freezing Life, Freezing Eggs, Freezing Fertili

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    In this episode Toni Nagy interviews Sarah Elizabeth Richards, author of the book "Motherhood Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It."  When Sarah was nearing 40, she decided that she was going to freeze 70 of her eggs in order to take control of her fertility, and allow herself some time to start the family she always dreamed of.  Her story is very touching, and shines a light on a variety of issues around women's health, feminism, the limitations of biology, and advances in science.     

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    Calling All Fries!

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     We are having an Extra Special Guest on the show and we are super excited about it. You can listen in to Mama Fry talk on the show with us and have your chance to call in and speak with  with Mama Fry from the Facebook page and blog "Autism with a side fries".

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    What do you see when you look in the mirror of your child(ren) face?

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    Remember when you were a child and your friends would say you look just like your mom or dad. Then in your teenage years you would say things like I am never going to treat my kids like my parents treat me. Then as a young adult you start to realize you act or behave just like you parents. The one day you wake up as an adult and realize you have become your parents and you are shocked !!! So the lessons you have learned growing up have now become a way of your life. Then you look in the mirror of your child's face and realize that you want to change somethings about you ! What are the questions that start to form in your mind as you look in the mirror of you child? How far from what you taught them have you grown or not? What things do you want to change from the inside out in order to help your children by first helping your self?

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    Guest Heather Tapia- Empowering Women

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    As a Prosperity Adviser, Heather L. Tapia has supported 1000s of individuals and business owners to achieve clarity and abundance in both their personal and professional lives.
    As a strong social entrepreneur, she is committed to providing resources, tools and guidance to support all on this journey. Heather is the founder of Purpose for Women International, Corp.- a non-profit supporting the vision of others to effect change on a local, national and international level. She has also recently launched PWI Radio on blogtalk radio “Giving YOU a Global Voice”. Heather is the author of The Five Steps to Abundance: An Introduction to Love in Business. She is an avid public speaker and lecturer and radio show host of Entrepreneurial Excellence which highlights women in business and the community. She has started several companies including Get Published Today!, Social Mobile Up, Abundance Marketing Pro, Abundance Video Marketing and Abundance PR.You may follow her on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HeatherLTapia  (http://twitter.com/HeatherLTapia), (http://www.facebook.com/ProsperityAdviser) and visit www.AbundanceMarketingPro.com
    Women in business Encouraging women run for office Domestic violence prevention Signs human trafficking  
    Judy Hansen- www.judyehansen.com      Total Solutions for Empowerment of Spirit, Mind & Body

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    Helping Kids Over Fool’s Hill and on to Making Better Choices

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    Are you pulling your hair out wondering where did my sweet little baby disappear to? Are you wondering why in the world your child said this or did that crazy thing? Let’s try to figure out together as we continue to navigate through this parenting season on PHL which airs Thursday, June 12, 2014 7:30-9:30 pm (EST). Have an interesting topic for the show? Email us at atkmarriageandfamily@yahoo.com, LIKE us on FB @ the Parenting Handbook Live, ICandy Radio, or ATK Marriage and Family Coaching. You can follow us on Twitter @atkmarriagefam or @parentinghandbk

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