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Parenting can be a challenge for most, but you''re not alone. Seek the help you need from other parent''s experiencing the same dilemnas. Tune in for parenting advice and more on blogtalkradio.
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    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation of Islam

    in Social Networking

    The Honorable Elijah Muhammad     THE FALL OF AMERICA The Dead Must Rise or be Destroyed  
    *The Time And What Must Be Done

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    Attune Magazine on Attune Magazine Radio

    in Spirituality

    We will be talking Attune Magazine!
    This is a great time to ask any questions you may have about contributing to the magazine or advertising in Attune.
    The July Edition was a joy to work on!  Thank you everyone for your wonderful contributions! If you haven’t had a look at it yet you can see it here:

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    UNTITLED NONSENSE: Episode 3.65

    in Entertainment

    Josh, Andrew, and maybe Kris are live with another episode of everyone's favorite late-night talk program, UNTITLED NONSENSE! Tune in to podcasting's most unprofessionally professional show, live at 3AM EST! Call in to contribute at (347) 215-7139.

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    Saturday morning message

    in Politics

    Let's look at ObamaCare, Friday's jobs report & Snowden going to Venezuela.  

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    The King Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce their next guest the acclaimed Award Multi Media Journalist Mr. Charles Thomson on Saturday, July 6th at 5PM EST. -
    2:00PM PST time. Mr. Thomson is considered to be the world's leading expert of Michael Jackson. Mr. Thomson
    has become internationally known for challenging the
    unfair coverage of the embattled star. One of the youngest
    writer's to be given his own Huffington Post  blog. His
    article for the Huffington Post titled One of Most
    Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History won
    Mr. Thomson acclaim from Mr. Thomas Meserau and
    Ms. Susan Yu who refer journalist's with trial queries to
    Charles Huffington Post Blog. The article also won
    Charles Thomson the respect of the Jackson family.
    You do not want to miss this very important and exciting
    show. Mr. Thomson will be disputing all of the vicious
    things being said about Michael Jackson in the media today.
    We will be taking your call

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    PheMOMenal Life Matters- Parental Health

    in Moms and Family

    PheMOMenal Life Matters is a show dedicated to mothers of all ages learning to become all that they were created to be! Learn how to live a fantastic well balanced life that you LOVE. Hear from expert moms in the areas of health and nutriton, parenting and education, financial awareness and spirituality.
    Today we will be talking about Parenting Health; how and why it is important for our families to have our skills sharpened and what we can do as moms to support our kids to be successful in life.

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    in Business

    WEALTHY WEDNESDAY Bible Encounter....this is a weekly global radio show on Kingdom principles and Biblical teaching on Wealth, Riches, Finances, Success, Money, Resources, Entrepreneurship and Business for all believers.  There are over 2500 Scriptures on these topics in the Bible.  It's time to be prepared for the Great Wealth Transference. Exodus 3:21-22, Deuteronomy 8:18.
    SAVE THE DATE:  SCHOOL OF WEALTH July 1-29, 2013.   736 Lothrop, Detroit. Meet us at our office.  Sponsored by International Kingdom Ambassadors Network and Minetta Hare Ministries International.
    School of Wealth starts on July 1st. The School of Wealth is a FREE training school. Learn and develop ways to implement God's Kingdom principles of wealth and sound business wisdom. Receive training and strategy to activate Kingdom laws of wealth. Listen to dynamic speakers who are actively applying principles for wealth in the marketplace. YOU WILL LEARN TO: ... Activate the Biblical principles and strategies on the Wealth Transference. Develop ways to advance his Kingdom into all spheres (sectors) of society. Gain knowledge on how successful people invest and build wealth portfolio Learn how to start, run and grow a kingdom business. Build contacts and relationships with others who desire to build wealth for the Kingdom  

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    The Way Of The Great Mother

    in Culture

    The Way Of The Great Mother is A radio show based on the ancient African Principles of Ma'at, Family, Service and Community. Our main priority is to re-establish the bonds of sisterhood throughout the united states of America and wherever African  people are and to Restore Our True Spirituality!

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    Creator God AND / OR Evolution of Universes ?

    in Religion

    This Newest Series is "Creator God AND / OR Evolution of Universes ?", Part 12 of many. Come learn and share this current, profound, epochal revelation of God's Eternal Creations and progressive space-time Evolutions.   Show # 278  Live 30 minute inspiring show and open Chat room.   We are led in Spirit here in Jesus with us, to progressively become more aware and receptive in soul and in mind of God's pure spirit Essence -- God's will -- within each of us, and also Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit upon all humans worldwide and universe-wide, leading us truth-lovers into All Truth and eventual Eternal Residence on Paradise. We freely serve in the worldwide Brotherhood of man and in the Family of God. Please click "Follow" and tell your friends about this show. Thank you. At the bottom of my page, click on "Show extras" to see my many Yahoo Questions and Answers.  The first 50 shows are a comprehensive, Revealed, Advanced Christian Theology Course  Then shows #51-242 are a long series on the fuller, Revealed Life and Teachings of Jesus. Email me for further information and further studies, all free.  We are Spirit of Truth led, eclectic Christians, trans-denominational, trans-ecclesiastical and perfecting faith-sons of God.  Love, peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth ! Teacher Brother Dave  

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    Naomi's Daughters: Washed and Anointed (Re-Broadcast)

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Naomi's Daughters" with your Hosts Ambassadors Sondra Lewis & Elaine Barnes.  We will Also be joined by our Panel of  "Women on Fire" Latoya Walker & Kathy Thompson & Special Guest "Sheryl Brackley" spokesperson for the "Life is Beautiful" Foundation.
    This broadcast is brought to you by "Kingdom United Ministries Network:  http://www.kingdomcomenet.com/-B--Naomi-s-Daughters.html#.Uafjf9JaVv0
    "To console those who mourn in Zion, To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; That they may be called trees of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified." Is. 61:3  What do you do when life has been plagued with tragedy and pain?  How can God bring anything good out of this present place of despair?   If you find yourself asking these questions or know someone who is, you won't want to miss this re-broadcast.  

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    On the Good Foot with Jessica Cox!

    in Motivation

    Jessica Cox was born without arms in Sierra Vista, Arizona, in 1983, and yet her list of accomplishments easily surpasses anyone who’s born with a complete set of limbs. Nobody really knows what caused her condition except that it was an unusual birth defect.   Her parents and their extended families first expressed their apprehension and even helplessness for the small newborn Jessica. Inez, her mother, was particularly worried on who will take care of her when she grows up. Her father, however, never shed a tear. He believes she can do greater things—he was absolutely right.   Moving Her Feet   To be truthful, Jessica and her family didn’t have a well-paved road ahead of them. But Jessica, who had now grown into a beautiful teenage girl, was very persistent. After her powerful dance performance at school, where she received some of the loudest applause, she trained for dance for more than 10 years. Before she even graduated high school, she had already earned a black belt for taekwondo under the tutelage of Jim Cunningham.   Read Full Story...

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    A in depth-study of different translations of the Bible

    in Spirituality

    On Yom Shabbat, Saturday, July 6th, 2013 (28 Tammuz 5773) at 10 AM EST until 12 PM Noon EST your Brother in the Lord, ObhadYAH Renaldo Wade, will be talking, teaching, and testifying about a very important issue in the congregation today: Which translation of the Word of YAH should we be using?!? The answer might shock you!! Please join us as we celebrate the Goodness of the Lord in Praise, Worship, Prayer, and with the Sound Doctrine of our Lord and Personal Savior. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you. Omein. Shalom ahlekehim (Peace be unto you)!! Shabbat. Shalom.