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PSHRadio Welcomes Back Sandra Dunne

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
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My journey into all things spiritual I guess began as a child but I was completely unaware and just dismissed everything.

Being a child I had no understanding of death, spirits or otherwise.

There are a number of things I distinctly remember to this day which now make sense.

At around 9yrs old I remember having a dream that a little boy had died it was a Sunday night and the little boy was friend’s nephew and he was around aged 3.

My friend had an older married sister and the boy was hers.

The next day at school I told my friend about the dream and then she told me that the boy had died that weekend after I think choking on a safety pin.

Another strong memory I have but perhaps was a little younger my granddad died and I remember being somewhere but not sure if a hospital or mortuary. My granddad was in a big drawer and had pennies on his eyes and I was stood to the left of him. I have discussed this with my mum on many occasions and she says I was never taken to see my granddad after he had died.

There are a lot of other incidents but too numerous to mention but these two stick out clearly in my mind.

In 1986 my dad died and exactly a year after I was at my mum’s house and was sleeping in her bed as had worked a night shift and she was looking after my youngest who was 3yrs old. 

My dad came to me as clear as day and he said “Hello my darlin”, I am not stopping” and then he went. My heart was racing but again I Still didn’t know anything so just kept that memory with me.