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Hosts Luci Leibfried and Anthony Agate present the most comprehensive review of all that is paranormal, spiritual, and cosmic. Intro Music created by Siren Marie.

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Friday, July 25th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST Is there a connection between religion and the paranormal? What do we need to know and what should we believe? Join Anthony and Luci as they discuss the connection between religion and paranormal topics with the talented Mr. Noah Tysick. Noah Tysick is a professor, author, master fine art photographer, and a former guest blogger/translator for The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. In addition to his academic training, he studied Spiritualism at Milwaukee's historic Morris Pratt Institute and Kadampa Buddhism under the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in Chicago Call into the show and join the conversation live on air! (661)244-9831
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Friday, May 9th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST As we sleep we dream of things that sometimes are clear messages and sometimes make no sense at all. What do our dreams mean? Next Friday night we will look at our dreams... more

Friday, May 2nd 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST Did a UFO intercept flight 370? Was there some meteorite that took down the plane over the Indian Ocean? Has the governments of Malaysia, United States and China created a massive... more

Tonight Luci and Anthony reveal all their evidence from their LIVE investigation at Pennhurst State School and Hospital on 4/17. There were many experiences shared between them as well as evp captures and video evidence of the spirit... more

Tonight is Creepy Story Night on Paranormal Review Radio. We want you to share with us your most creepy, haunted, weird and downright scary story and experience you have ever encountered whether in your home or on a paranomal... more

Special Thursday night show! Join Anthony and Luci for a full 2 hour show as they spend a total of 8 hours in lockdown at Pennhurst State Asylum for a full paranormal investigation of the most infamous and haunted locations in... more

Friday, April 11th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST Have you ever heard of the infamous case of the Mothman Prophecies? This legendary moth-like creature has been witnessed in Point Pleasant West Virginia from 1966 to 1967 but has also... more

. Loyd Auerbach is a parapsychologist, paranormal investigator, and mentalist He holds a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Northwestern University. He was a columnist for Fate magazine. He was the Public Information... more

Friday, March 28th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST Are We Alone? Of course we aren't but what has the scientific community and NASA just discovered and what have been the latest 2014 UFO sightings from around the world? Tune... more

One of the most rewarding things about paranormal investigation is communicating with the other side. To have that confirmation that there is something more than what we can see and hear with our own senses is like... more

Friday, March 14th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST Seen every Thursday and Saturday on, Do You Believe with hosts Norene Balovich and co-host and director, Tim Wood delves into the unknown each week. Often pushing... more