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Hosts Luci Leibfried and Anthony Agate present the most comprehensive review of all that is paranormal, spiritual, and cosmic. Intro Music created by Siren Marie.

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Native American spiritual beliefs hold rich accounts of ghosts and spirits - that the dead live on and even, visit us. Death is typically viewed as a door into the next life, or world, and not something to be feared but embraced. Helping to... more

DeJa Vu is the eerie sensation of "remembering" an experience or situation that never occurred. Scientific research into deja vu has revealed intriguing theories, ranging from short-term memory misfires to neurophysiological disorders. Yet... more

This is going to be one of our MOST CONTROVERSIAL shows yet! Tune in for some paranormal news that may shock the ground that you stand on. Kirby Robinson - a 25 year veteran of the paranormal community has a paranormal... more

After investigating and being in the Villisca Ax Murder House for 14 hours straight...Anthony and Luci will share their evidence and strange experiences. Did you listen to the LIVE stream from Sunday night? Hear anything come over the... more

Join Luci and Anthony as they investigate one of the countries most infamous and gruesome crime scenes in history and has a truly haunted past - Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa 8 lives were brutally murdered in their home... more

On a quiet residential street in this small town sits an old white frame house. On a dark evening, the absence of lights and sounds are the first indication to visitors that this house is different from the other homes that surround it. Upon closer... more

Let's hear your paranormal stories, theories on spirits and the afterlife, or just ask Anthony and Luci a question. Call (661)244-9831

Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, Ohio It has been featured on Haunted Collector and there has been some absolutely frightening evidence gathered there. Yes we're talking about Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati Ohio. Join us... more

Bill Birnes, author of The Haunting of Twentieth-Century America and from the show UFO Hunters on the History Channel will be joining Luci and Anthony to discuss how paranormal events influenced and sometimes even drove political... more

Daved Beck is a gifted Psychic Medium, a Certified Life Coach and a Public Motivational Speaker. He will be joining us to talk about life, his unique ability of tapping into and connecting with the whisper of Divine energy and to share his... more