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Paranormal Mayhem Zone

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Bridging the Cap of Rock's Kendall Harker joins us for round 2!  A 2 HOUR PMZ BADASS PARANORMAL RADIO SPECIAL! Listen to the most cutting edge rock of the FREAKING PLANET right here!  Featuring Memory of a Melody, Chameleon Conductor, Heaven Below, The Black Moods, Vayden, Warner Drive, Cleveland Blues, Madlife, and Malaki! 

Listen in as Voice of the Unknown filmmaker Will Scoville sounds off his highly anticipated PARABLOCKBUSTER!  Get secret and forbidden PARAknowledge,  PARAnormal news, hear intriguing PARAsegments and witness the most creative CHAOS on the blogtalkradio airwaves!  Join Voice of Unknown's Will Scoville, A&E Bio Channel My Ghost Story's Robbie Prince and Dark Doll Paranormal Alyssa Ony

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