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Paranormal Swat Radio with Lee Dalby

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LEE DALBY Investigator / Case Manager leedalby@ghosts-usa.com I'm an on the fence kind of guy when it comes to ghosts. The fact that I haven't seen or heard any ghosts in my life time keeps me on one side of the fence, and of course science keeps me leaning towards the other side of the fence. How does science do this?. Quantum physics!. Knowing that photons, electrons, and sub-atomic particles can be in multiple places at the same time, and also knowing that they can jump from this dimension to other dimensions and then back again. Did you just ask "What other dimensions?" Well the other dimensions are in string theory. Up and Down, North to South, and East to West as the 3 spatial dimensions and Time being the 4th dimension. That leaves 6 other spatial dimensions and Super Gravity as the 11th dimension. Of course we can't see the other 7 dimensions, but we can sense them with the effects of gravity and time. Its kind of like rowing out on a lake in a boat. Under the boat is a completely other plain of existence. The fish have no idea that we humans even exist because they can't comprehend our existence. We on the other hand are aware of them and can effect their lives. Ghosts can effect our lives as well. In our dimension gravity is weak. Even with the gravitational pull of the earth's mass, we can still over come it when we use a magnet to pick up a paper clip. Gravity has to travel thru 6 dimensions before it gets to our dimension. This is why it is so weak in our dimension. So this means spirits in the other dimension can harness the power of gravitons in their dimension in use them to move objects in ours, the same way we can harness the power of electrons and photons. Right now we are looking for gravitons with a particle accelerator / collider.