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Paranormal reports from every perspective, from alien sightings to UFOs, Paranormal51.com gives the power of viewing and reporting paranormal events back to you! General: Aliens, UFO's, Ghosts, Weird Science, Demons, Cattle Mutilations, Roswell, Government Coverups, Majestic 12, Secret Aircraft, Ancient Mysteries, Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, Deja Vu, Out of Body experiences, Soul Possessions, Vampirism, Witchcraft, Angels, Near Death Experiences, Gravitational Propulsion, Teleportation, Time Travel, and much much MORE!

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Dr. Story Musgrave will be on for tonight's show. Please join in on the discussion. We love your questions and the topics you bring up. 30 minutes

Tonight's guest is a big player in the realm of science and astronautics; his name is Dr. Story Musgrave, one of the most experienced and decorated shuttle astronauts. The topic of the evening will revolve around the UFO question and... more

Tonight we will be talking about our next tentative guest Dr. Story Musgrave, one of the most decorated shuttle astronauts alive and his ideas on ufology. I just wrote to him today and I'm awaiting a reply back to confirm. Electro house will... more

Electro Rocker night!!

Join in guys!!

Jamie Havican was born in Derby,Conn and moved to Ft.Lauderdale Florida when he was three. At the age of 11 he started messing with Ouija Board, and found himself communicating with a women that died in car crash in the keys. That... more

Come join us as we talk about the paranormal and how it affects the daily lives of each of us. Music will be played and team paranormal will be cheered!

Join in Guys!!

Join in guys!!