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  • Lights Out Welcomes Cheryl Lynn Carter, Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Author

    in Paranormal

    "Once upon a time, in a small Midwest town, this little brown eyed girl was born. I was just an average child with wide-eyed innocence and curiosity. As I grew, that inquisitiveness expanded by leaps and bounds. But soon I came to realize how different I was from the other children. This little girl had a secret. By no means was it something I could share with a friend; not a chance. Besides who would ever believe me? For dead people spoke to me and I spoke to them..."

  • Lights Out Welcomes Cindie Harper Founder of Femme Force

    in Paranormal

    My name is Cindie Harper. I am the founder of Femme Force. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive, Researcher and Investigator. Femme Force was founded with the purpose of promoting and encouraging interest in the paranormal- particularly in how it may or may not be related to spirituality and/or energy. Our mission is to explore, investigate, research, collect and share information and evidence regarding the paranormal, spirituality and energy.

  • Lights Out Welcomes Long Island Paranormal Investigators

    in Paranormal

    LIPI was founded in the spring of 2003 by Michael Cardinuto and Robert Levine. The group began as the result of exploring an old hospital building on Long Island. During the exploration they heard a loud banging noise in the building which could not be explained. Later while watched the video of the exploration they heard a loud banging that could not be explained. They  immediately became interested!
    The group began researching the internet to find many urban legends and ghost stories on Long Island. Soon afterwards we went on our first official investigation to Sweet Hollow Road in Huntington. LIPI continues to investigate ghost stories and urban legends as well as receiving numerous requests to conduct private investigations on Long Island, in New York City, New York State and surrounding areas.
    While performing investigations we use a scientific approach of "best practices" for our research. Some of the equipment we use on investigations includes cameras, EMF meters, temperature gauges, Geiger counters, digital audio and video etc. We investigate a suspected haunted site for a minimum of 10 hours (circumstances permitting) total to determine whether or not the site is in fact haunted. For each investigation the group completes a field report to keep track of how many times we’ve been on an investigation and keep track of all of our readings. When all of the field reports are complete we compile all of the data into one final report of the investigation site to determine if it is haunted or not.