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  • The Sacred Division with Bishop Long and Ms. Wilma

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    Hello and welcome to the Thursday Night Line up on the Inspire Radio Network!
    Our Shows on Thursday Evening are: The Sacred Division: If you need a laugh, make sure you tune in to Bishop Long and Ms. Wilma as they love to harrass one another and have a great time doing it!  But don't let their silliness fool you, they also tackle some VERY controversial topics.  Their show airs from 9-11pm, est

  • ParanormalHoodLive w/Host JiGGY & HooDeeZ Crew favorite Paranormal Movies

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    We are the Paranormal Voice of the HooD! Join Host JiGGY and the crew (BuddyGreenberg , Ghost , Just Iyce & Lou working the chat every Thursday  night from 9-11 pm est as we have special guests or topics night and we chop it up HooDeeZ Style about all things Paranormal and related .  To go out an explore all topics Paranormal but we will be doing it in some of the less mainstream and less explored areas. We are going to get the "HooD" to find Paranormal Experiences. Have you seen a Ghost, UFO, Demon or anything Paranormal in your HooD? Lets us know so we can come and investigate for you. Check out more at www.paranormalhood.com

  • Onyx Knights Paranormal Radio

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    Join Brian Sons (Onyx) of Onyx Knights Paranormal as he interviews paranormal investigators and persons of interest in the paranormal field. Discussing such mysteries as Ghosts,  Cryptozoology, UFOs, Sasquatch and any other subjects of paranormal interest!
    Tonight's guests: 
    Jean St Jean -Creatureplica Jeff Beyers- Creatureplica Mike Wooley - Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot Michael Hall - Something in the Woods Johnnie Holmes - Onyx Knights Paranormal Cryptid Div. Bryan Impey - - Onyx Knights Paranormal Cryptid Div.

  • My Darkest Hour on LiveParanormal.com

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    LiveParanormal.com Presents: My Darkest Hour Radio
    Hosted by: Stefan Brigati
    Official Show Page: http://www.lliveparanormal.com/mydarkest.html
    Listen & LIVE Chat: Chat LIVE with Stefan during all shows directly on our multi media based chat room on www.liveparanormal.com LISTEN & chat LIVE!
    About LiveParanormal.com
    LiveParanormal.com is the PREMIER online community dealing with all things : Paranormal, Unexplained, History, Horror, Sci Fi, & More. Enjoy 24/7 interaction with other like minded people from around the world! ALL members can use their web cam / mic in our fully multi media chat room which offers the most personal and interactive experience on the net!  Tune in to over 60 different live radio & video shows on our History FM radio network! Hosting live shows 7 days a week!

  • FRIDAY NIGHT PARANORMAL - GCUK Southeast Team & Paranormal Author Jan McDonald

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    I’m Jan McDonald, the author of the Mike Travis Paranormal Investigations. I live close to the Welsh borders which have their own mystical quality and provide endless resources in the way of legends and folklore surrounding the paranormal. I love all things paranormal and have loved reading the best, Dennis Wheatley, Stephen King (his early work) Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft and all those authors that excel in the creepy or down-right scary.

  • Hickory Paranormal Radio

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    Hickory Paranormal Radio sponsored by The “Unexplained” Investigators is looking for local individuals to share stories.
    We’re also looking for select locals to host or cohost select dates. Message us here or at tuinc1997@yahoo.com

  • Bret Oldham~Author/Alien Abductee

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    Bret Oldham has been researching and investigating the paranormal since his teen years. Together with his wife Gina, they are Halo Paranormal and are based out of Las Vegas, NV. Their research encompasses a wide spectrum of the paranormal including Ghosts, UFO's and Cryptozoology. They have been featured on numerous radio shows, magazine and newspaper articles, Internet, local and National TV in the USA, New Zealand and Europe; including shows on Bio, Discovery, CBC Canada, TV7 in Bulgaria and most recently "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel. Bret is the author of "Children Of The Greys", a personal account of his life long alien abduction experiences, and "Ghost Stories Of Las Vegas". Bret is the author of "Children Of The Greys", a personal account of his life long alien abduction experiences, and "Ghost Stories Of Las Vegas". Bret and Gina contributed two articles to the book, "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places" by renown author Brad Steiger. Bret wrote a chapter on "Spirit Communication" for the book, "Mystery US Universe, Origins and Destiny". Bret has written articles for Bigfoot newsletters and has interviewed such UFO luminaries as Travis Walton and John Lear which were both first published by Alternate Perceptions magazine and later picked up worldwide. We will be discussing his is book, Children Of The Greys, a true story of his numerous alien encounters, author Bret Oldham relives many of his traumatic alien abduction experiences. Memories that had been suppressed for years by the aliens surfaced after receiving therapy for a series of anxiety attacks. Memories that were kept secret for decades are now revealed for the first time in this very personal, thought provoking account of one man's journey through the enigma of the alien abduction phenomenon.

  • A Night At St. Albans Sanitarium

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    Friday, July 18th
    **9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST
    Join us LIVE and Investigate along with Anthony and Luci! (661) 244-9831
    St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia is reputed to be one of the most haunted sites on the East Coast, and for good reason: the very soil it rests on has a grim and horrific history.
    Once occupied by several indigenous tribes before European settlers moved in, the ground was soaked with blood in the “Draper’s Meadow Massacre” of 1775, and bore witness to brutal Civil War battles a century later.
    The horrors apparently didn't end when the St. Albans Boys School was built on the site in 1892, as suggested by stories of multiple student suicides – though none of those were officially recorded.
    In 1916, St. Albans was converted to a hospital for the mentally ill, overseen by Doctor J.C. King. While the Sanatorium was known for its modern and revolutionary treatment techniques, some of the experimental procedures – including early shock and water therapies – proved fatal for some patients. There were also several more suicides in the hospital, and this time they were properly documented by Dr. King and others.
    Even long after the hospital closed its doors, the horrors continued: the murder of Gina Renee Hall occurred near the hospital grounds in 1980.

  • GAC FamilyRadio

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    GAC Family unite! Karli and Bryan talk about all things Ghost Adventures. From news, games, upcoming events...get your GAC fix here on GAC Family Radio!

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    An Evening With Ed Craft-Rebroadcast

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    Ed served in the United States Army with a Secret Clearance as a volunteer soldier with the Headquarters United Nations Joint Security Force at the Joint Security Area, Camp Kitty Hawk on the 38th parallel at Pan Mun Jom, Korea. Headquarters 8th Army Engineering Battalion, Second Division, Korea. The Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion Ft. Devens, MA. The Headquarters 7th Special Forces Medical Support Battalion Ft. Devens, MA. He was awarded the Army Over Seas Service Ribbon and the Army Achievement Medal for his honorable service. Ed had his first unusual encounter with a "hairy creature" as a young Boy Scout in South Florida which was featured in a book on “Encounters with the Strange and Unexplained” by internationally renowned Rolling Stone’s photographer Matt Hoyle. Since his initial encounter with the unknown, he has investigated strange unexplained lights in the night skies and researched government cover ups of the UFO phenomena. He has interviewed countless UFO eyewitnesses, to include fellow researcher Stanton T. Friedman, who was one of the original recipients of the MJ-12 documents and Dr. Jessie Marcel Jr. who is a living eyewitness to the actual Roswell crash debris material. He has been featured in the Miami Herald for his work investigating ghostly occurrences in homes and businesses and has traveled to Mexico were he has stood on the Pyramid of the Sun at the ruins of Teotihuacán. Ed has search for the "Swamp Ape" in the wilds of the Florida swamps, and explored many more phenomena of an anomoulous nature.

  • Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. According to the US Navy, the triangle does not exist, and the name is not recognized by the US Board on Geographic Names. Popular culture has attributed various disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings. Documented evidence indicates that a significant percentage of the incidents were spurious, inaccurately reported, or embellished by later authors.
    Join us and share your stories and knowledge of the triangle!

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