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  • 8a Erica Shepherd 7p Stafford 8p Goguen 9p Open 10p Torell 11p Open

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    8a Erica Shepherd 7p Stafford 8p Goguen 9p Open 10p Torell 11p Open

  • 7p Open 8p Flowers 9p Al Cuppett 10p-12a Jozef Jasinski

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    7p Open 8p Flowers 9p Al Cuppett 10p-12a Jozef Jasinski

  • 12n Folkes 7p Open 8p Open 9p Leon Temple 10p Open 11p-1a GWW

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    12n Folkes 7p Open 8p Open 9p Leon Temple 10p Open 11p-1a GWW

  • Within The Chaos Special Guest Kimberly Brouillette, M.A.

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    Kimberly Brouillette, M.A. award-winning author Kimberly Brouillette is pleased to present Devil in the Details, the 2015 Paranormal Awards winner for fiction. This second book in the thrilling paranormal Monastery Murder Series is the sequel to Secrets in the Shallows. Book 1 was the 2014 Paranormal Awards winner for fiction, which she coauthored with Karen Vance Hammond. Currently, Kimberly is working on the final book of the trilogy, Method in the Madness, which should be released late 2016. Kimberly earned her B.S. in earth science/geology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and an M.A. in Biblical studies from Trinity Theological College & Seminary. She has been editor and contributing editor for numerous published books and has also written many published articles for periodicals and Internet blogs. She currently works for a regional magazine, while also focusing on her writing and editing projects. Kimberly also enjoys reading, writing, music, history, traveling and spending time with loved ones. Visit her website & blog to find out more: www.KimberlyBrouillette.com www.goodsreads.com/Kimberly_Brouillette Also available from this author: Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1, The Monastery Murders) Abram's Journey: Quest for the Man in the Stars.

  • THE SMURL Family Haunting - Carin Smurl Discusses the Wicked & the Holy

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    For 13 years (1974 -1987) West Pittson, Pennsylvania was home to one of the most bizarre and stunning poltergeists ever recorded. The Smurl Family was your typical family, until the events of a demonic being decided to move in. The Smurls encountered something they couldn't explain, and couldn't free themselves of. Their story one of Hollywood and legend when their ordeal was told in a book and a movie, each titled "The Haunted." It began when Jack and Janet Smurl moved from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania to escape the flooding damage left behind from hurricane Agnes in 1972. In 1973, they moved into a duplex Jack's parents had purchased, sharing the house with them. The house had been built in 1896, and was on a quiet street in a middle class, ordinary neighbourhood.
    It started out as minor but puzzling annoyances and incidents. A mysterious stain appeared on a new carpet in the house that apparently could not be removed; deep scratches appeared on new bathroom fixtures in a remodelled bathroom; there were problems with leaking pipes in spite of repeated repairs to them, and a television set suddenly caught fire.
    Carin Smurl, who lived the nightmare with her family, will join us to talk about what happened, in one of America's most famous haunting, and the credence and criticism her story brings to the paranormal field to this day. She didn't want her life to be this way. Neither did her parents or siblings. But it's a fight she has to take on every single day.

  • Who Are The WIB -Women in Black?

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    Guest: Nick Redfern
    Featured book: Women In Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B
    Website: http://nickredfernfortean.blogspot.com/
    Show favorite best selling author Nick Redfern is back to share his latest publication with us.   
    Dark and disturbing, this full-length study of the women in black mystery encompasses such issues as alien abductions, Mothman, strange and unearthly monsters, the secrets of alchemy, time-travel, and the dark domain of all things supernatural. Just like their creepy, male counterparts the women in black will stop at nothing to silence those who get too close to the truths behind the UFO phenomenon and paranormal activity. Dire warnings, intimidation, and menacing death threats are their cold-hearted calling-cards. Like the vampires of old, these black-clad, pale-faced women prefer to do their hunting by night. Their prey: us. Fearless and fearsome, they might just be your worst nightmare.
    Bio: Nick Redfern is a journalist who writes on a wide range of subjects including Bigfoot, UFOs, and paranormal phenomena. He has appeared on television shows such as The Monster Project, Monster Quest, and Proof Positive. He is the author of Keep Out!, Men In Black, The NASA Conspiracies, and Strange Secrets. He lives just a short drive from Dallas, Texas’ infamous Grassy Knoll.

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