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    Scott, a witty paranormal investigator since the 1990s, has appeared in the TV shows Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Paparazzi and Paranormal Challenge. He also created the first paranormal web show,"Haunted Wolfe Manor." His speaking engagements, imbued with what he calls the worst comedy ever, takes him all over the world. SCOTT TRAVELS THE WORLD SPREADING LAUGHTER AND HOPE THAT OTHERS WILL FIND WHAT HE HAS ! THIS SHOW EILL BE A LAUGH A MINUTE PLEASE WEAR YOUR DIAPERS WE ARE NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR LOSS OF BLADDER CONTROL

  • Sunday Free Psychic Readings at 3 pm PST, 646-727-2914, with Lennis & Nina

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    Welcome to "Sunday FREE Psychic Readings" with Lennis and Ms. Nina here at 3 pm PST or 6 p EST.  Brought to you by The Essence of Success Radio Network, here on blog talkradio.  Thank you for joining and supporting the show.  Show phone number is 646 - 727 - 2914.  Website: www.theessenceofsuccess.com    One question per caller please, so everyone gets an opportunity.  You are always welcome to call back into the show with a second question.  The Chat Room is always open, and your Moderator is Ms. Nina. Time to time we will have other guest Psychics joining the show to share there experiences, and gifts.
    For more information or to schedule a private reading go to the website, right side of page scroll down to Psychic Readings.  Readings are done Monday to Friday 11 am to 7pm PST or EST, we can accomdate your time frame.  Spread the word tell your family and friends about our show every Sunday, you just might learn something new.  If no one has told you they love you today well...........me and Ms. Nina do.


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    Stefan Brigati has been involved in the paranormal since he was a young child thinking that spirits was a normal part of life.
    Started keeping a journal of experiences until the journals were overflowing with paranormal activity which led him to start a paranormal team in 1993 called Pacific Coast Paranormal. They have been on hundreds of cases since then and have been featured in many books, magazines TV shows and has been a consultant for the film industry. He currently hosts an International radio show called My Darkest Hour Radio on LiveParanormal and History FM Radio. Stefan also travels the country doing paranormal expos and convention doing seminars to help bring education to those looking for information on the paranormal. Even with many years of experience he finds new discoveries with the paranormal and continues to share with others.


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    George and Cara are a husband and wife team. They have been actively investigating the paranormal for 5 years. They have had a revolving door of paranormal activity in their home for many years and learned how to effectively help the spirits that sought them out. So now they use their combined abilities to help others. George is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Claircognizant. He has had these abilities since childhood but ignored them. As an adult he went through radiation near his brain and it awoke and enhanced his abilities. Today he continues to hone his abilities and can obtain amazing results. Cara is a Lightworker. She has always believed in the paranormal and saw her first full body apparition when she was 12. One of her close friends is an energy healer and she helped Cara realize her ability to help spirits crossover and clear negative energy and attachments from people and places. Together their abilities are growing stronger and they use them to help the living and the dead be at peace. They empower and teach their clients to protect themselves and how to coexist with spirits.


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    Katy Elizabeth
    Katy Elizabeth was born in Warwick Rhode Island .Katy is a worlds leading authority on the Lake Champlain Monster. Katy has been studying the existence of Champ since a child .As one of the youngest and most recent Cryptozoologists , she made her life long dream into reality when she had her own sighting and experiences of this elusive creature on Lake Champlain . It prompted her to start her own group called “Champ Search”. The groups goal is to study, investigate , prove the existence and most importantly protect the unique animals that inhabit New York and Vermont’s beautiful Lake Champlain. Katy currently resides on the shores of Lake Champlain in Ferrisburgh VT. She has been featured on the History Channel's "In Search of Aliens" with Giorgio Tsoukalos, WGRZ News, WCAX News, numerous radio programs and websites from all over the world. She is author of the new book "Water Horse Of Lake Champlain II available on amazon.com