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    American Hauntings

    in Paranormal

    This week we take an in depth look at two famous American hauntings and try to understand what forces could be at play.  Eastern State Penitentiary, synonymous with pain and suffering.  Its' halls are said to be walked by the souls of prisoners long past, forever reliving the agiush they endured.  Vistors have recalled feelings of dread just passing through the long grey corridors.
    Gettysburg, where the long blue and grey lines turned the lush green countryside red with their blood.  Reports of formations on the field and troop movements in the brush have been reported by modern visitors.  Could there be a physical explanation that ties these places of suffering to such apparitions?
    Please join us as we seek to understand the forces at work in these and other places and we would love to hear of any experience you may have had.

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    Ghosts of Children

    in Paranormal

    It has always amazed me how ghosts of children can exist. It seems as though they would be exempt from the prison of being earthbound after death, but apparently they're not. We will explore this very troubling reality on the next show.