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    The Invisible World ep 180

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    This week TIW covers MAKER FAIRE 2015 right here in Queens, NYC at the New York Science Museum!
    For more on this years interviewees, please visit the links below:
    Sam Blanchard @seemore_VT

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    Roswell Slides, Another Snowjob from Jaime Maussan? - 9/11 YES, Inside Job!

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    Jaime Maussan is the most "GO TO" man in Ufology and yet he has never professionally skywatched or UFO Hunted except for TV and maybe a few times he was outside with nothing else to do and looking skyward. To be an expert you need to have several thousand hours skywatching or UFO Hunting and must have learned all the mistakes a skywatcher would make. Jaime Maussan has been fooled and been handed balloon video only to give it the thumbs up that it is a real UFO on said video. We have seen this time and time again on TV with MUFON members launching balloons then taping it and giving it to Jaime to examine with Jaime saying "this is what we see here in Mexico, this is a UFO"! So why would we believe a man with no expertise in Ufology that The Roswell Slides are real? They are purely faked and proven fakes yet Jaime still says they are real because he believes that if he can make money on bull**** or get a bit of notierety which he craves so bad then he will back it. I will discuss why Jaime Maussan should be removed as an authority on UFOs and why The Roswell Slides are fake.
    9/11 IS an inside job!!! Why anyone, with all the evidence clearly showing planned demolisions, would believe this was not an inside job blows me away 14 years later. As soon as I saw the building come straight down I said this looks exactly like a planned demolision. You only need less than average intelligence to see this. Why are people so thick headed about them not being planned? Anyway we will discuss the frustration...

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    Paranormal Radio with TAPS ParaMagazine - E6 - John Zaffis & Ghost hunting

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    Paranormal Radio with TAPS ParaMagazine hosted by JV Johnson. An interview with paranormal investigating pioneer and star of reality TV show Haunted Collector, John Zaffis. Learn about ghost hunting from one of the experts.
    More info about TAPS ParaMagazine at www.tapsparamag.com
    More info about our convention at www.scareacon.com

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On this Sunday's fascinating episode of CONTACT, we will welcome back noted, award-winning author, clinician, educator, practicing Master Hypnotist, NLP Master and foremost Past Life/Interlife Regressionist DR. GEORGINA CANNON.  Dr. Cannon's most recent book, RETURN AGAIN (Red Wheel Wiser) has received rave reviews, and is considered  to be one of the most significant books on the subjects of  Past Life and Inter-Life Regression.  For further information, please log on to www.georginacannon.com.

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    Dead Disneyland

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    This Friday night we speak with Brett Butler after hours employee of fifteen years working behind the scenes of Disneyland working on your favorite attractions, and the keeper of the Dead (Disneylands dead that is)! Tune in while I ask the hard questions, like; how many people has Mickey really killed?

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    Kai Blackwood shares tonight what's going on since the sell my soul party.

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    Saturday April 25th 8pm Eastern Standard Time
    So babies, tonight is going to be a treat. I am going to be speaking to Kai Blackwood, he is for those not in the know a guy who audtioned for a reality show in which the "chosen" one would go through the ritual to sell his soul to the devil for his own chosen delights. You would think this would be the interesting thing, but it isn't. Now loads are gonna say what the actual fuck Dr Monika of course this is interesting.
    No boys and girls, it's not. First lets remember this is was done in Hollywood, where doing a soul selling ritual is not even a seven on the weird scale. In Toledo, YES. But in Hollywood, just another day baby.
    The story and the interesting thing for me is what happened to Kai since, the ritual was done wrongly from the start and not actually completed. Butttt, the energy generated, and the effects of it aimed at him was very real, and the results of that is what we want to know :) 
    So order pizza or chinese, grab a tasty beverage and tune in because this bitches is gonna be a wild ride, witches honor :)

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    Citizensane welcomes Larry Warren

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    Tonight’s guest is someone most of us are familiar with but for one reason only...He became known for blowing the whistle on the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. A series of mind blowing events which occurred in 1980 over the Christmas weekend while he was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, England. Tonight Larry will break his own stereotype and give us a rare glimpse into his personal life, his childhood experiences and his eventful life post Rendlesham.  We will surf a whole alphabet of topics from Aliens and bigfoot to Zeppelin.  If you think you’ve heard it all before you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you ain’t heard nothing yet!

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    Spells, Rituals & Witchery with Orion Foxwood

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    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Patricia Kirkman as they discuss spells, rituals & Witchery with expert, witch & author  Orion Foxwood.  For the first time on our show Foxwood reveals some of his own personal spells and rituals from his Grimoire of Witchery.  Do you hear the call?  A thundering deep within your very blood to become a healer, a reckoner, a protector of the magical arts and a guardian of the wild woods?  Be sure to tune in to hear all about the powerful witchery of old.

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    Shadow People, more and more reports from individuals seeing Shadow People

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    More and more people report seeing Shadow people, What are these apparitions and where do they come from.
    On tonigths show we will be discussing these strange apparitions and trying to figure out just what they are and where do they come from, are they ghosts or residual hauntings? can they be expelled and if so how can one get rid of these unwelcomed and uninvited visitors. Have you ever witnessed a Shadow Being? call into the show and share your experiences, the number to call as always is 646 929 0959 and connect with your host Dave Starling.
    Second Half we will have Doreen Psychic join us in the discussion and she will also be offering mini psychic readings for callers who have specific questions.
    Please like and follow our pages here and on facebook also please visit our web site

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    ParaTruth Radio Episode #11: Varla Ventura, "Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires"

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    This week on ParaTruth Radio, the ParaTruth boys will be interviewing special guest, Varla Ventura, about her book, "Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires and Other Creatures of the Night".  Varla Ventura is the author of "Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires and Other Creatuers of the Night", "Among the Mermaids", "The Book of the Bizaree", and "Beyond Bizarre", and a lover of all things strange, freaky, and terrifying. She is the curator of the Weiser Magical Creatures and Paranormal Parlor series of e-books. Varla lives in a creaky, haunted attic of a Victorian in San Francisco where--when not burning the midnight oil writing about weird news--she can be seen traversing the hidden cemeteries and phantom ships in the greater Bay Area.  She will be giving away an autographed copy of the book as well.

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    Starborn Support Radio Presents: Nick Redfern -- Close Encounters of the Fatal

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    Nick Redfern
    Biography: Nick’s interest in UFOs dates back to the late 1970s and stems from an incident that his father was involved in while serving on radar with the Royal Air Force in the 1950s. After leaving school in 1981, Nick joined a rock music and fashion magazine, Zero, and was trained in many areas of journalism, writing, magazine production, and photography. He began writing on the UFO subject in a freelance capacity in the mid 1980s. Currently Nick writes for numerous magazines and journals, including Graham Birdsall’s best-selling news-stand publications UFO Magazine and The Unopened Files. He has also written for Military Illustrated; X-Factor; Alien Encounters; the London Express newspaper; has his own news feature on UFOs, mysteries, the paranormal and conspiracy theories that is published in four British newspapers; and has acted as a consultant to the London Daily Mail and People newspapers. Nick Redfern writes a monthly column on UFOs for the website Destination Space. He also co-writes a bi-weekly column for the website UFO City. In addition, Nick has a monthly, 3-hour link-up with the Jeff Rense Sightings radio show in the USA to discuss the latest UFO news from the U.K. He has appeared on a wide variety of television programmes in the U.K. and abroad and is in constant demand on the lecture circuit both in his home country and overseas. Nick’s books are available in the U.K., the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland and will shortly available in a number of other countries including Russia and Portugal. Nick Redfern is also a member of the Majestic Documents investigative team.