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    Can a Ex-Lover Be Within You?

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    Can a Ex-Lover Be Within You?

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    Strangeful Things: The Incident at Dyatlov Pass

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    The leader of the group, Igor Dyatlov, was an experienced hiker, climber and guide.  The other members, were also used to long hikes, ski trips and mountain expeditions.  They took a train to a place in the Ural mountains called Ivdel, then took a truck to Vizhai, the last inhabited place that far north.  Which seems like the sort of place you should not go past.  But, whatevs, on January 27, 1959, they started off on their super fun trip through freezing mountains.

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    GSSN008EP005: "OMG It's BERENSTAIN not BERENSTEIN! The Mandela Effect!"

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    In this episode, Emi dishes more mojo on the increasingly popular topic that is THE MANDELA EFFECT!  If you've never heard of this, get ready for the brainstormin', brain-exploding ride of your life!  Cause after tonight's episode, you won't know what is real anymore!!!  
    Read more before the show by following the link below:  
    This Season and Episode of The Graveyard Shift Talk Show is brought to you by:  WORDS TAKE FLIGHT BOOKS!
    "Defying perceptions, denying limitations!"
    For more info, or to see all the great titles and services they offer, please visit:  www.wtfbooks.net!

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    The Ouija Board Controversy: History / Alternative Facts / Controversy

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    Saturday, February 11th   10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT
    The Ouija Board Controversy
    A Ouija Board is, quite simply, a divinatory tool. Its purpose is to answer a question by inviting spirits to speak to the people using the board. There's no guarantee that anything will happen at all... but there's also no way to control what DOES happen.
    But, social media, Hollywood, and news outlets have demonized this cardboard equipment and created an unfair impression on something that is comparably just another piece of paranormal measuring tool. Have we created an evil prop out of fear and fake stories? Where did the Ouija Board begin? What proof is there for all the fear and hate?
    Join Anthony this Saturday to do a complete review and disclosure of one of the most talked about and most feared divinity tool in the world.
    Share your stories or theories with Anthony on the show – call (646) 787-8018 – press #1 to get into the caller cue on-air.

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    Into The Light With Seth Michael

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    Welcome to Into The Light With Seth Michael!
    Seth strives to enlighten and inspire those who are interested in learning about their own abilities and connecting with the other side of life. Each show having a new topic and a speaker followed by calls from the audience.
    This episode, we will have special guest
    Ron Sohler – Skeptic to Believer  - Journey of a Reluctant Shaman
    Ron began his journey as a non-spiritual, conservative skeptic for 60+ years. He did not believe in "ghosts" and  had no idea some practices, concepts and beliefs were real.  Before his "awakening",  he had been working in animal rescue after retirement, and had been an Animal Control Officer in WA State. He did this unaware that soon he would be performing Shamanic healing for animals. The road from skeptic to the World of Woo Woo (his term for the paranormal) is amazing, and was accelerated through the support and guidance of his friends. He considers himself to be a student who is always striving to learn and connect the truths of energy. 
    http://www.animaltouchreiki.com/ Journey of a Reluctant Shaman
    We will also be discussing Spirit Guides, how to find and connect with your own, and other  "spooky"  topics. And we might even get Seth to take a few callers..
    Chat will be on so feel free to join us there and post your comments and questions.

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    Universal Designs & What they tell us

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    Ancient symbols are found all over the world - in pyramids, sacred tribal spaces, cave walls and on ancient artifacts. Many of their true meanings have been lost over the centuries and can only be truly known by the initiates of those mysteries. However, there has been information uncovered by people like Druvalo Melchizedek who teaches The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life courses, and a great deal has been revealed about what some of these designs really mean. They are clues to our spiritual heritage and the creation.
    Rev. Maria D'Andrea & Mimi Silver will take a look at some of these symbols and their significance to us as spirit in human garb.
    Visit www.MQuestMedia.com  and www.Mariadandrea.com for further information on our co-hosts.
    Call Maria @ 631 - 559 - 1248 to discuss the services that Maria offers.

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    BoA:Audio & Radio Misterioso 2016 Year in Review

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    BoA:Audio's annual Year in Review special with Greg Bishop turns it up to 11 with a special simulcast in conjunction with Greg's Radio Misterioso show.  We'll look back on the big stories of 2016 and look ahead to what might unfold in 2017 as well.

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    Author Jason Offutt and Shadow people

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    Join us on US Paranormal Radio as with talk with author Jason Offutt about shadow people. Jason has written numerous articles, blogs, books and has done alot of research on this topic. Dont miss out on learning more about shadow people and we want to hear from you with your own opinions and experiences! This is how we further our field and enhance our investigations. Call in # is (646) 787-8637, option 1 for host!

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    Night time under the stars with Mike in a Top Secret Location!! With Erol

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    Tonight Erol and I will talk about many things in the Paranormal, Remote viewing and Conspiracy Theorist and much more. Callers welcome # 929-477-2866

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    All about Reiki and why it is great for you with Mary, Nicole, Lauren, and Alex!

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    Tonight we are going to be talking all about Reiki.  If you would like to learn more about it tonight is the night you will want to listen.  We have 4 guest coming on to explain all about it and why it is great for you and your health.  You can never go wrong with your future when you consult with Dr. Mary Barrett of Jackson, Tennessee. As a versatile master hypnotist herself, she specializes in many fields of telepathy and hypnosis. Aside from her profession, she is also a dedicated: Mom, Grandmother, Daughter, College Graduate, Spiritual Reader, Spiritual Consultant, Ordained Minister * Dr. of Divinity * Reiki Master, Master Life Coach, Master NLP, Author.  Nicole Jackson:  Nicole Jackson, Usui Shiki Ryoho Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I was certified Level 1 & 2 in 2016 by Lia Ricci at Asherah’s Garden in Bowling Green, Ohio. Helping people relax, reduce stress, and promote their own healing has been a growing passion of mine for two decades. My father started grooming me for this path when I was a teenager, and throughout life’s trials and tribulations I never lost sight of my goal in learning how I could tap into the healing gifts of the universe to be able to share with others to enhance their own wellbeing.  Alex LaFountaine:  Father Alex LaFountain is an Aquarian Catholic Priest in the Aquarian Catholic Spiritual Community. He is trained as a level 2 Reiki practitioner in the Usui tradition and will hopefully be getting his Master's level this spring. He has been doing Reiki for over a year now both in person and over distance.  Laura Linsten:  Laura Smith-Linsten Paranormal enthusiast, studied "Essential Reiki" and "Reiki, Infinite Healer" for the past few years. Attunements to Level 2, will be receiving 3 and Masters by Brandy Jeffers very soon. I have performed full body sessions and target areas sessions.

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    Paranormal Temptation: Werewolves, Dogman and NADP group with Joedy Cook

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    Joedy Cook  is one of the most active bigfoot researchers in the State of Ohio. Originally, he was a member of the Cincinnati UFO research group A.S.K. but realized that his interests were more in the field of cryptozoology. Joedy has been studying the bigfoot phenomenon since 1991 and is the author of several books; Bigfoot in Ohio, Legend of the Grassman, Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman, Traces of the Grassman: the Hunt for the Ohio Bigfoot, The Beginner’s Guide to Bigfoot Research, Cryptid Ohio, Grassman: Ohio's north American ape. Winged Entity Casebook, Humanoid Encounters: Books 1 & 2, Werewolves: Myths & Legends,  History of the Dogman, Dogman: Werewolf Encounters in the northeastern America.Werewolves: Encounters with the black dog. , Zombies: What You Need to Know or You’ll Die, and Zombie Survival Guide. He founded the North America Dogman Project ,Cryptid Seekers, as well as the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies. He is also the founder of Cryptid Seekers Magazine. Joedy is a member of the American Bigfoot Society. Joedy has appeared on several television programs, which discuss large primates in North America, including the History Channel’s Monsterquest, SyFy Channel’s Sightings & Encounters and The Learning Channel’s Top Ten Mysteries of the World. Destination America's Mysteries and monsters in America Today, Joedy lives in Cincinnati and can be seen giving presentations at paranormal and cryptid conventions across the state and Canada.